20 Pieces Of Technology That Seemed Revolutionary At The Time But Were Quickly Forgotten

Published 3 years ago

Back when we were younger, technology seemed to advance at a much more rapid pace – or at least it was much more apparent. Just take phones for example: instead of the similar-looking rectangular smartphones we see now, we used to get all sorts of crazy and wild designs with the phones themselves becoming smaller and smaller every month. However, even though a lot of those designs seemed to be all the rage back then, the majority of them look almost hilariously obsolete today – and it did not just end with phones.

People over at the r/Nostalgia subreddit are sharing inventions that seemed revolutionary at the time but were quickly forgotten, and it will make you appreciate how far technology has come since those things were in use. Take a trip back through time and check out some pieces of obsolete technology from the late 90s and early 2000s in the gallery below!

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#1 The Motorola Razr. Still The Coolest Cell Phone To Be Produced

Image source: Boojibs

#2 See-Through Electronics

Image source: rysterf

#3 The GE Alarm Clock That Everyone Seemed To Have

Image source: 2ezyo

#4 Batteries That Let You Check How Much Energy Was Left

#5 Digital Mp3 Players With These Songs

Image source: Luminous_Fantasy

#6 Cassette Tape That Let You Connect Your iPod To Your Car Stereo

Image source: reddit

#7 Phones With Internet On Them In The First Place

Image source: passingpleasantries

#8 Remember When Laptops Used To Have That Little Rubber Cl!t For A Mouse?

Image source: reddit.com

#9 TVs With A VHS Player Built Into Them

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

#10 Movies On An iPod With A 2-Inch Screen

Image source: nowuzit

#11 CD Players With 45-Second Skip Protection

Image source: Philips

#12 Watches That Lit Up Blue

Image source: itslikesoulman

#13 Portable DVD Players

Image source: ldn_elek

#14 Robot Dogs

Image source: PussyAnalBreath

#15 That Singing Fish

Image source: StevenBalthaser

#16 Netflix’s DVD Service

Image source: suburbanmen

#17 Those Backwards Seats In Station Wagons

Image source: or_worse__EXPELLED

#18 Cd Players That Held Multiple Cds At Once


#19 Pagers Are Now Collecting Dust

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

#20 Old School PC Microphones

Image source: wanpakujozu

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