20 Ex-Employees Reveal Crazy Company Secrets No One Knows Of

Published 7 months ago

When you work someplace long enough you learn a thing or two about all the secret goings on within the premises. It might be a genius idea by one of the management, that no one else has come up with before, or it might be a salacious scandal that no one wants getting out. 

Recently, Redditors got together to share the crazy workplace secrets they picked up from the places they previously used to work at. With no loyalty to the establishment, no NDAs and nothing to hold them back, folks have been spilling the tea and we’ve shared some of the most juicy secrets in the gallery below. 

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#1 Bakery. The French bread and Italian bread are the EXACT same thing with different scoring designs on top – but one is two dollars and fifty cents more.

Image source: NationalPiccolo5259, wikipedia.org

#2 I walked in on a coworker taking underwear selfies in the restroom to send to a girlfriend or something. He forgot to lock the door. He was very embarrassed. I acted like it never happened. I never would have expected him to wear little yellow bikinis.

Image source: weenertron, Pavel Danilyuk

#3 It’s me. Yes, me and that coworker were indeed hooking up.

Image source: thunderling, Canva Studio

#4 Worked at a seafood restaurant that was infamous for their house clam chowder. Dude literally bought cans of chowder from the store, poured it into this huge 5 gallon container, and then it sat in there getting pulled from, heated, dumped back in to. S**t never got cleaned or fully replaced, super super super gross. Anything we didn’t use that day would get dumped back in with a couple new cans added.

Image source: LandOfLostSouls, Adrien Sala

#5 Used to work at an ice cream store part time.

We made our waffle cones from scratch and at regular intervals. Not just because of the demand. The strong scent could be smelled from outside the building and draw people in. Also, people were more likely to buy waffle cones or increase their serving size when we were cooking up a fresh batch.

Good business strategy. And hey, made my clothes smell nice (I had a jacket that smelled like fresh waffle cones for 3 months after I left that place)

Image source: SkysEevee

#6 I worked pizza delivery for a major corporate pizza brand. The quality of the ingredients used even over 15 years ago is of such poor quality that the heat from the pizza over is the only reason you’re not going to the hospital due to heat killing the bacteria. When I went to a popular local shop. You could eat off the floor it was so clean. THAT place was amazing.

Image source: Jazzlike-Ad-208, Pixabay

#7 The office manager who was married to a male doctor at the same practice was also hooking up with the female patient care supervisor

Image source: Justgowithitbabe, Thirdman

#8 I was told to never call CPS on a parent because the owner didn’t want the “bad press”.

Image source: elevatorfloor, Pixabay

#9 For the most part, it’s not executives and agents that read scripts, but their assistants. By this standard, it is the assistants of the entertainment industry that are primarily responsible for what actually gets made. Still blows my mind

Image source: SelenaCatherineMeyer, Andrea Piacquadio

#10 My old boss takes cash so he doesn’t have to declare the money and I mean thousands of pounds. He claimed furlough off the government even though everyone was in the office working. He broke every covid rule going which was damaging when there were only 20 people on site. I reported him for all of the above but nobody cares.

Image source: flyhigh11, Lukas

#11 Not sure if it’s that crazy but at the place I work at now, every single close doesn’t have a single adult scheduled. I am always the oldest on shift and I just turned 17. They basically only employ teens. The policy for breaks also violates labor laws.

Image source: PreppyHotGirl, Andrea Piacquadio


So as someone who works/worked in a tax law firm in the holy grail country of bureaucracy (Germany), I can gladly tell you: Many rich people/companies are just rich bc they can afford us to twist the numbers just the right way (aka. we might be helping certain people to commit tax evasion/fraud). We also had a car dealer, who pulled so many black market deals and other illegal stuff and we still had to fake his numbers/books against our morals (so the Finanzamt wouldn’t find out)…

The sad thing is many smaller companies had to quit during Covid (or even afterwards and before that) just bc they couldn’t afford someone who knew the in-and-outs of our bureaucratic system (aka. how to file for financial aid from the state), while the bigger ones used those aids to do ~~not so necessary~~ renovations (which they could file as “expenses”)…

It’s a really s****y system (the bureaucracy stuff in every aspect of the country) and those on top will always benefit from it or know the loopholes, while the more unfortunate ones aren’t able to help themselves…

Image source: vic_torious97, Andrea Piacquadio

#13 Our VP embezzled 7 million dollars. The company decided not to charge him because then it would be public news. Months after he was fired he contacted my boss asking for a reference lmaoooooo

Image source: Clementinequeen95, John Guccione www.advergroup.com


from many years ago when i worked at mcdonald’s:

the ice cream machine isn’t raggedy and always broken. at some point it has to go into cleaning mode, each day i think, and this takes 4-5 hours. so when they tell you its down or broken, the machine is probably just sanitizing itself. i don’t know that the stores can program them to do this at a certain time of day.

when people in the drive through ask for their fries to be cooked fresh and they don’t mind waiting, a lot of times workers will take food that had already been sitting out, and re-drop it into the grease for like 15 seconds so they come out piping hot & shiny again. (this mostly happens on late/overnight shifts)

Image source: forthe_99and2000, wikipedia.org


From the bookstore: We tear covers off magazines and paperback books in order to get money for them and then chuck the books in the recycling bin, coverless.

Books that don’t sell in 90 days are returned and the store will likely never sell it again unless it is special ordered. The system is designed to churn out best sellers and classics and nothing more.

Speaking of bestsellers, authors can just buy themselves onto the bestseller list and get their book on a front shelf with prime real estate. This usually costs about $250,000 although you can pay more if you want it to be #1. It is why books that are just printed will have a sticker or designed with a cover that says #1 bestseller. They knew it would be a #1 bestseller because they paid for it. Publishers can also pay to have their books put on the various tables in the store.

Image source: FiendishCurry, Element5 Digital

#16 I worked at a popular auto parts store. Corporate was incredibly sexist towards women and if you complained to HR about that or anything else you were guaranteed to be fired

Image source: tooooomanynames, Artem Podrez

#17 yes, x did die in his office and nobody noticed for four days.

Image source: Merrywandered, Tima Miroshnichenko


Ex Victoria’s Secret employee: we used to have to cut up products that didn’t sell after a certain amount of time and soak them in bleach before throwing them out. And no, employees weren’t allowed to just have them.

I have to say, back when I worked for them they actually did treat their employees very well. Benefits and PTO, even for some part time employees. And we did get tons of free stuff all the time and great discounts. They rly did take care of their employees.

I also used to work for a superior court judge who usually wore pajamas under her robe and occasionally drank at lunch lol

Image source: ManicBarbi3, Fahad Waseem

#19  Anytime a food item that was on our menu being advertised as “NEW RECIPE” just meant the owners found a cheaper version of it from a new distributor.

Image source: holyfudgemuffin

#20 A good portion of charter schools are one medium size repair away from bankruptcy. Many are mismanaged and misuse funds, and require teachers to spend even more than their district counterparts.

Image source: chemchick27, wikipedia.org

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