30 Thalassophobic Folks In This Online Group Shared The Most Strange And Creepy Things About Oceans

Published 1 year ago

Humans are trying to explore the entire universe while there’s so much left on our Earth to explore. Have you ever thought about how much we know about the ocean which covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface? It might surprise you that we’ve been living on Earth for ages but more than 80% of the ocean is still unobserved or unexplored.

Since oceans are so mysterious, some people are naturally scared of them. There is even a subreddit called “Thalassophobia” dedicated to the people who are frightened by the open waters. Many folks in this online group share their fears, stories, and experiences of encountering weird and creepy things in the sea. Scroll below to read them.

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#1 Alex Dawson’s Award-Winning Viciously Haunting Scuba Diving Photos

Image source: Friendcherisher

#2 The Finnish Nature Photograph Of The Year By Antti Strang

Image source: redgreenandblue

#3 Deep Water Swell

Image source: ViralYNC

#4 A Huge Wave

Image source: Homunculus_316

#5 In France, “La Fosse Dionne” Is A Seemingly Bottomless Water Pit. Despite Several Attempts By Divers, Its Depth Has Been Impossible To Find. Exploring It Is Now Strictly Controlled As Multiple Deaths Have Occured

Image source: Serynch

#6 Point Nemo, You Are Closer To Astronauts Aboard The ISS Than Humanity

Image source: grasshoppa80

#7 This Photo Is Anxiety Inducing For Some Reason

Image source: DefinitionOfTakingL

#8 Rebreather Diving, Eastern Slovakia

Image source: AVAN007

#9 Saw This Picture On Facebook From The Page Wonders Of The Planet Earth. A Shipwreck Being Reclaimed By The Sea

Image source: Sam030606

#10 When You Fear Of Flying And Your Fear Of Water Meet Eachother

Image source: KristinMann

#11 Stairs Down To The Flooded Level Deep Inside A Mine

Image source: sub_lunar

#12 I Used Night Mode On My Phone And…

Image source: rollobones

#13 The Idea Of This Tunnel Caving In While You’re 60 Ft Below The Surface Of The Ocean

Image source: imax_707

#14 When You’re Swimming And Feel Seaweed Touching Your Feet….. But Actually

Image source: Mulpulty

#15 Posted This On R/Submechanophobia But Thought It Would Fit Here Too. And Odd Broken Pier Support That Looks Just Like A Hand

Image source: Loophone1

#16 Would You Spend The Night?

Image source: Simonpkb

#17 Supposed To Be Relaxing But It’s Actually Terrifying

Image source: yeokyungmi

#18 Posted On R/Damnthatsinteresting But Thought It Fit Better Here

Image source: Daniel_Flynn_7

#19 This Shot Was Taken Off Moalboal On The Island Of Cebu, Philippines. This Guy Was Free Diving With Just A Mask. I Was Lucky Enough To Catch Him Coming Up Through A Bait Ball. Shot With A 5dsr 8-15 Mm Lens Set At 10 Mm 200th Sec @ F8 2 Ysd1’s

Image source: xdcutemynutella

#20 Calm But Eerie

Image source: Beamng47

#21 I Made Some Art To Recreate The Feeling From A Beach Dream I Had Where The Waves Were So Big They Blocked Out The Sun

Image source: jamesfletcherdesign

#22 The Wreck Of The Titanic. This Photo Gives Me Anxiety…

Image source: AIM1981

#23 Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge In Louisiana

Image source: Steppasgonstep

#24 The Final Moments Of The SS Andrea Doria (1956)

Image source: HAL237

#25 This Creepy Dock I Was On Tonight

Image source: A_complicated_thing

#26 Ah Yes, Underwater Active Volcanos And Mutant Sharks, That’s What The Ocean Needs, It Wasn’t Scary Enough As Is

Image source: Junior_Ad_5064

#27 No Land In Sight?

Image source: tinylion286

#28 Floating In A Ship

Image source: airhogg

#29 Exploring The Mysteries Of The Ocean

Image source: emily3289

#30 Sweden’s New Submarine

Image source: gogurt_conspiracy

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