35 Times People Wrote The Most Hilarious Apology Notes

Published 3 weeks ago

Some people say actions speak louder than words, and I couldn’t agree more. If my feelings have been hurt, a simple “sorry” might not cut it to rebuild my trust. While I appreciate the apology, I believe true sincerity is shown through time and actions. Only through consistent effort can someone prove their apology is genuine. So, if you’re eager to mend things quickly, adding a dash of humour to your apology could help speed up the forgiveness process!

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#1 Two Dogs Couldn’t Resist Eating The Mail Lady’s Lunch, Then Wrote Her This Note

Image source: Carol Jordan, Bear and Bull Jordan

Half eaten lemming: They regret nothing.

#2 Coworker Slept In Till Noon, This Was His Apology

Image source: ShamPawnYa

#3 An Apology To My Future Self

Image source: pimack

#4 Someone Spilled Chia Seeds At The Grocery Store I Work At And This Is How They Apologized. And No We Do Not Live In Canada

Image source: KindaRustyy

#5 An Irish Apology

Image source: CherrySueDointheDo

#6 Found This In My Bathroom

Image source: imgur.com

Ka Se: Should you kill a spider? These poor beeings are usually harmless for humans and get rid of a lot of pests. If I do not like them in my room I throw them out of with the glass & cardboard method.

#7 My Brother Got Drunk Last Night And Left This Note For His Kids

Image source: GDML

#8 Our Doorknob Was Stolen At A Party We Threw Last Weekend. Today, It Shows Back Up With This Note

Image source: reddit.com

unfilteredCigarette73: Don’t those things have screws and such…I have dabbled with many psychedelics but never once has it come to “hey man just a second, I gotta unscrew this blueberry muffin off of the wall”

#9 Parking Note

#10 Just Some Canadian Graffiti

Image source: PigeonBoy, PigeonBoy

#11 Thanks, Babe

Image source: Seahawks1991

BewilderedBanana: Proof that not everything starting with the word “sorry” is an apology

#12 In The Coffee Shop

Image source: jc201946

#13 Apology Accepted

Image source: eddg

#14 Came Home To This Message From The Little Lady

Image source: latherus

#15 Received This On My Door This Morning From A Neighbor In My Apartment Complex – It was so thoughtful and sweet! I rarely hear the doggo, and I’m okay with dogs barking. What a wonderful pet owner. I want to set up a doggy gift bag or something for her and her dog. Any ideas?

Image source: Catluver6824

catslave6 (edited): Give them a thunder shirt for the dog. It might help ease the startle reflex. I’m certain Amazon, or just about any pet store really, can help you find one. You will need the dog’s weight, measurements from shoulders to tail and around the chest (just behind the front legs) to get a good fit. Good luck to all. Sweet note, good neighbor, cute nervous dog!

#16 There Was A Mix-Up With An Item I Ordered From China. The Seller Sent Me A Note And A Little Gift To Tide Me Over Until The Correct Item Arrived. 10/10 Apology

Image source: FromCornerToCrumb

No spam: Oh I looove Chinglish! The wonky translations are a hoot. They make me happy —not making fun of them, my gosh trying to master the complicated English language is a feat and I applaud their efforts.

#17 I Work At A Vet Hospital. An Owner Wrote An Apology Letter For Their Pet

Image source: Gracynvh

#18 Apology Cookies

Image source: douchewithaguitar

“I’m sorry you’ve walked in on me making out with your roommate three times and for making your home an uncomfortable place.

#19 “Sorry Kids”

Image source: manderson81

#20 Apology Letter From Ex-Girlfriend

Image source: bigmikesbeingnice

#21 My Brother-In-Law Wrapped This Note Around Some Lottery Tickets And Gave It To My 9-Year-Old For Her Birthday

Image source: Hoofhearted523

#22 Three Nights Ago, My Bike Was Stolen. It Just Turned Up Back In My Yard This Morning With This Note. Ain’t Even Mad

Image source: seenic

#23 Apology To The Driver Who Beeped

Image source: reddit.com

Half eaten lemming: I can smell the overthinking from here

#24 Was Wondering Where This Delivery Went, Then This Turned Up On My Porch

Image source: TheXecuter

bas vdlaar: She is 73, she might need it very much :)

#25 Mailbox Damaged – Found This Note

Image source: BiggestSur

#26 My Husband Paid For Breakfast With A Debit Card, Then Realized He Under-Tipped. We Left Some Extra Cash And A Note For Our Server Apologizing For The Oversight

Image source: tico926

#27 An Apology Letter I Wrote To My Mom 12 Years Ago

Image source: skeletor69420

#28 After A Pretty Raging Party, A Small Bag Of Things Was Left On My Front Porch With This Note. “Hey, I stole this stuff when I was blacked out at your party. I’m really sorry guys…”

Image source: innervoicelarry

#29 We Have All Been There

Image source: loufenwick

#30 This Apology Note From My Husband

Image source: femafaith

#31 Someone Left A Note In The Bathroom At Work

Image source: DJTasty

#32 Flew Into DIA The Other Day And Saw This Ad. They’re Leaning Into The Conspiracies And I Am Here For It

Image source: DimesOHoolihan

#33 Brilliantly Facetious Letter My Grandfather Sent To His Mother (And Father) During WW2 After She Had Obviously Complained About His Handwriting

Image source: mrstody

#34 My Friend Had Her Bike Stolen 3 Days Ago. She Found Her Bike Back In Its Normal Spot Today, With This Note Attached

Image source: MegaThrustEarthquake

Caroline Nagel (edited): Why do people think that stealing a bike, bringing it back with an (‘funny’) apology note is okay? My bike is my only means of transport, if it gets stolen I cannot leave my house without a lot of pain/difficulties. Stealing bikes is the same as stealing cars. I doubt any car owner would be amused getting a note like that when their car is stolen. Don’t steal bikes!

#35 I Got Drunk And Slapped My Roommate. Here’s My Apology To Him

Image source: St1na

Karina: Not accepted! Dont ever slap no nobuddy. If you will do it once, you will do it again. And really, bacon Vs bodily autonomy? Where’s the cilli-cheese??

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