30 Surprisingly Hilarious Bathroom Mirror Designs

Published 5 years ago

When you think about it, a bathroom mirror should be a pretty straightforward design – a flat reflective surface in front of which you can pop your zits. You’d think it’s pretty hard to mess up – but that’s where you’re wrong. Some designers truly go all out when designing mirrors and the results are both awkward and hilarious.

From mirror mosaics to unfortunate placement, check out all the times people got surprised by bathroom mirrors in the gallery below! And if you want more design fails, check out more here!


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#1 When You’re Feeling Great But Your Hotel Mirror Puts You Back In Check

Image source: spurlockmedia

#2 The Bathroom At A Brewery Has This Where You’d Expect A Mirror. Brilliant

Image source: Elyssa_Hilton

#3 I’m Not Sure How To Tell This To Mom, But This Is A Really Awkward Place To Put A Mirror

Image source: neobob

#4 This Bathroom’s Mirrors Are Sunglasses

Image source: Drew4444P

#5 Great Mirror Placement At My New Place

Image source: thecatsaver

#6 Found A Mirror That Was Split In Two And I Couldn’t Resist Taking A Picture

Image source: r0stfri

#7 Installed The Bathroom Mirrors, Boss

Image source: Hellerick

#8 When There’s No Mirror In The Bathroom

#9 My Dad Redid My Bathroom And The Mirror Didn’t Ship Yet So He Hung Up One Of My Selfies On The Wall

Image source: urpetdog

#10 The Walls In My Girlfriend’s Bathroom Are All Mirrors

Image source: zinszer93

#11 I’m An Expat In The Netherlands. They’re The Tallest People In The World. This Is My New Bathroom Mirror

Image source: -Pixie-

#12 Bathroom Mirror At A Bar In Italy

Image source: lavitaetroppobreve

#13 This Damn Mirror

Image source: Beanboy100

#14 Love My Bathroom Mirror

Image source: shuwatch

#15 That’s Just Unfortunate Mirror Placement

#16 This Mirror At My School

Image source: Rmmaar2020

#17 Bathroom Mirror Selfie

Image source: Zirene

#18 Great! I Can Watcu Myself Poop In 500 Different Dimensions

Image source: F33DBACK__

#19 This Hotel Has A Mirror On A Mirror. Just… Why?

Image source: NobodyEpic

#20 This Mirror Makes It Look Like The Entire Bathroom Is In The Tub

Image source: ThunderBaee

#21 This Really “Artsy” Mirror At A Fancy Restaurant

Image source: TheCasualJedi

#22 This Hotel Mirror

Image source: Household6er

#23 One Time I Came Across A Really Cool Mirror In A Public Bathroom And I Was Like “I’ll Take Some Cute Pictures In Here” But Then

Image source: Co_Mill

#24 Mum Has Written All Over The Bathroom Mirror

Image source: aaquafresh

#25 These Mirrors Are Exactly The Wrong Height For Me

Image source: tom_bacon

#26 Self Portrait

Image source: vanillamandala

#27 Why Do They Always Do That?

Image source: tommysmythe

#28 This Totally Unnecessary Bullsh*t On This Mirror

Image source: ThrowawaybBCparanoia

#29 Portrait In Bathroom Mirror(s)

Image source: _MikeMcCartney_

#30 “That’s What’s Missing – A Ceiling Mirror! Why Hasn’t Anyone Thought Of This Before?”

Image source: TheNMP

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