40 Men Who Made Their Partners Happy With Their Hilarious Antics

Published 3 weeks ago

Having a partner with a good sense of humour is a quality many people appreciate. Even if some jokes might occasionally push boundaries, life with someone who knows how to make you laugh is always lively.

Today, we’re highlighting some instances of men ensuring there’s never a dull moment in their partner’s life. From quirky artwork decisions to inventive problem-solving and all sorts of unexpected occurrences, these men certainly know how to bring laughter to their loved one’s day.

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#1 Day 14 Of My Wife Being On A Work Trip

Image source: Crybad

#2 I Quietly Changed A Picture In My House To The One I Photoshopped To Surprise My Wife

Image source: mandal0re

WindySwede: Surprise MF!

#3 Thank Goodness He Didn’t Stretch My Clothes

Image source: _asapgigi

#4 My Husband Says He Made It For The Kids, But I Think He’s Enjoying It Just As Much

Image source: CharistineE

#5 My Friend’s Boyfriend And Her Cat Share The Same Enthusiasm For Sundays

Image source: cjs81268

#6 I’m Always Losing My Nail Clippers, And It Stresses Me Out Because I’m A Massage Therapist And Need Them Regularly. Then Today I Came Home To This From My Boyfriend

Image source: PurpleDuck11

#7 He Genuinely Believes Our Landlord Won’t Notice

Image source: fairycakes

G A: What did he wipe it with? A piece of coal?

#8 My Wife Has A Baby Monitor For Her Birds While They’re Nesting, So I Decided To Prank Her

Image source: inhugzwetrust

#9 A Hairstylist Friend Of Mine Is Doing Her Boyfriend’s Hair Each Day. So Far, We Have Leia, Amy Winehouse, 90s Prom, Cindy Lou Who, And George Washington

Image source: reddit.com, heidileeoleyhair

#10 My Husband Started 17th Grade (His Masters Program) On The Same Day My Daughter Started 5th Grade. They’re Both Ecstatic About Going Back To School

Image source: Snipsthetips

#11 I Heard My Boyfriend Giggling To Himself In The Bathroom

Image source: imgur.com

#12 When Your Husband Cleans The Kitchen And Rearranges The Fridge Magnets

Image source: supersamness

Aythya: Scar, my brother!

#13 Every Time My Wife And I Eat Chicken Nuggets I Try To Spell Something With All The Letters To Make Her Giggle

Image source: ptgauth

#14 My Wife Got This Picture Of Me Staring At A Whale’s Dong In The Icelandic Phallological Museum

Image source: readycent

#15 My Husband Put The Candles Really Close Together

Image source: vab0618

#16 Can Someone Please Explain To Me What Is Going On Here? I Opened My Boyfriend’s Refrigerator To Find This Dish Filled With Clear Jello, Cut-Up Hot Dogs, And Onions. I’m Horrified

Image source: ole_worm

Ok, so this is now solved! My boyfriend came home and told me it was a birthday gift joke for our friend. I’m so glad, I don’t have to break up with him over this abomination.

#17 My Friend’s Boyfriend Was Not Happy About His Kindergarten Picture. His Parents Still Have It Framed In Their House 20 Years Later

Image source: wrud4d

#18 I Just Got Home, And My Boyfriend Said “I Found The Original Box She Came In”

Image source: bluecedarood

#19 My Husband Thoroughly Enjoyed The Science Museum

Image source: rachelmaryl

#20 Staring At It Like I’m Watching A True Crime Show And Trying To Figure Out How Everything Happened

Image source: LizerReal

#21 We Have Nothing Worthwhile To Display, But My Fiance Thinks This Is Worthy

Image source: dinoaids

#22 My Husband Always Does This Whenever I’m Having A Bad Day

Image source: charliesday

G A: Your husband is a bit hairy…..

#23 I Had An Electric Day At The Children’s Museum

Image source: Mofomania

#24 My Girlfriend Hosted A M*rder Mystery Event At Our House. I Was In Charge Of The Crime Scene

Image source: Bennnnetttt

#25 Every Night My Husband Holds Our Sphynx Cat Up To Fight His Nemesis: The Ceiling Fan Pull

Image source: minniesmom55

#26 I Opened My Boyfriend’s Glove Compartment And Found These

Image source: strvncrtoonst

#27 My Boyfriend Specifically Remembered Purchasing Tampons For Me And Turns Out He Did. He Just Misplaced Them

Image source: reddit.com

#28 My Husband Works In The HEB Bakery And Today He Made This Tiny Baguette

Image source: borshctbeet

#29 My Girlfriend’s Entire Family Are Vegetarians. I Think It’s Time To Unleash The Chaos

Image source: guggabump

#30 It’s Important To Dress For The Job

Image source: aileenlee

#31 When I’m Not Home, My Boyfriend Likes To Torment Our Cat By Dressing Her Up. Today Is A Whole New Level Of Crazy

Image source: ChompYoFaceOff

#32 My Boyfriend Fell Asleep, And This Is How The Cats Responded

Image source: rodironcandle

#33 My 32-Year-Old Husband Playing In His New Pool. By The Way, We Don’t Have Kids

Image source: dawn7c

Albert: You don’t stop playing when you get ‘old’. – You get old when you stop playing.

#34 My Partner Farted And Made The Air Quality Level “Very Poor”

Image source: railedtoot

#35 My Boyfriend’s Wallet

Image source: Nitiyama

#36 What My Boyfriend Tried To Text Me vs. What I Actually Got

Image source: czericeliza

#37 My Wife Ran And Won Her First 5k In Her Age Group This Weekend. Here Are A Couple Of Pictures From The Race

Image source: zachirino

#38 My Wife Really Wanted Us To Make Our Own Christmas Cards. For Some Reason, She Rejected Mine

Image source: phelyan

#39 My Boyfriend, Who Thought All Cats Were Evil, Is Now Doing Indoor Rock Climbing To Reach Her. Why? He Wanted To Kiss Her Forehead

Image source: Doctorspiper

Cindy Brick: According to the expression on the cat’s face, this guy is absolutely nuts. (And how much do you want to bet the cat will move when he gets within smooching distance?)

#40 He’s An Artist

Image source: _AlyssaLauren

PattyK: Fiona!

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