20 Random And Witty Cat Commandments Their Owners Shared Online

Published 1 year ago

Cats roam around their homes with a certain grace and confidence that clearly shows they own the house. Almost all cat owners will admit that their cats control their households setting their own rules along the way.

From dictating which doors should remain open to claiming the best seats in the house, cats have a way of asserting their dominance and making their presence known. Today, we have gathered a collection of many such amusing house rules set by cats. Scroll below and enjoy!

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Image source: root_su, Ben Wicks

“After sleeping, changing the sleep position will not be tolerated.”

meech7607 replied:
“My cat used to sleep in the valley that’s made by the blanket between your legs. One night I was in that twilight almost asleep phase and he was sleeping down there, and I didn’t realize it. I rolled over and catapulted him off of the bed.”


Image source: thecalmninja, Marjan Grabowski

“I must be in every room you are. I will claw at the door and carpet if I am not allowed in.

Do not follow me around. I want my space.”

DOTHETHING_ replied:
“Cat must have the option of being in any room you are in. Will check stuff out then leave immediately. If you close the door then the cycle repeats.”


Image source: Opandemonium, imgur.com

“Usually, by 10 pm I’m in bed, where I watch TV for an hour or so before I sleep. 10 pm is cat cuddle time.

If I am not in my room by 10 pm then everyone gets a lecture from my old tom cat. If I’m not home, my husband will be yelled at.

No one can touch the cat but me (I think his previous owner must have been abusive) and he is obsessed with me. Huge old tom that acts more like a dog than a cat. He has huge PTSD eyes, so he is always looking at you with an expression that says ‘I’ve seen some shit. Now pet me.'”


Image source: TeikaDunmora, FatCat45

“They must sit as close to my face as possible, preferably on my face. My inability to breathe is my problem.”


Image source: Persiandude73, Madalyn Cox

“Leave the door open, you don’t need privacy in the toilet.”

BloodAngel85 replied:
“I have 3 cats and a dog, I don’t even bother closing the door anymore.”


Image source: Honkey_Cat, EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA

“Bed making will always include at least one cat jumping on the bed to ‘help’.”


Image source: DeLaNope

“Glass items go on the floor.”


Image source: LiterallyOuttoLunch, Krasimir Georgiev

“Cats eat before dogs.”


Image source: Taddare, Laura LaRose

“If you do anything to my poop box, I must immediately rechristen it.”


Image source:  dartmanx, Marco Giuseppe

“If there is a face-sized hole in the center of the food bowl, the bowl is effectively empty.”


Image source: victoria-n, River Fx

“You can touch but don’t touch.”


Image source: root_su

“Clean laundry will be considered as a bed.”


Image source: sugarydoring, whittlestwit

“We will climb up your curtains and ruin them.”


Image source: DeLaNope, Batut15

“Cat goes to the left of the laptop, blocking the vent.”


Image source: scribblefrog, Sam Lion

“If your lap is empty, it is fair game.”


Image source: livingblissfully, jackpumpkim

“The fridge is a paradise. Don’t quite know why they like it in there either.”


Image source: VenomC

“All showers must be supervised from in between the shower curtains. No exceptions. Sometimes even on top.”


Image source: TheWizard01, Oleg Ivanov

“Once your alarm goes off, it’s cuddle time. Oh, you want to go back to sleep? Then you’ll have to do so with 11 lbs of Bogart on your chest.”


Image source: TeikaDunmora, Abeer Zaki

“Any accessible bread products will be destroyed (not eaten, just shredded).”

BrutalHonestyBuffalo replied:
“My cats don’t destroy bread – but for whatever reason, if we leave a bread product unattended – you can be sure there will be one giant bite taken out of it. Plastic/paper and all.”


Image source: sparrow5, Aysegul Alp

“Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out. Let her in. Let her out.”

BillohRly asked:
“Have you tried letting her out? And then let her in? And then letting her out and then letting her…”

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