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30 Savage, Hilarious, And Chaotic Threats Shared In This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

There are various passive ways to threaten someone, and some folks have mastered the art of giving sarcastic or non-violent warnings. After all, it requires some amount of creativity to come up with hilarious insults and threats.

The Reddit community r/Rarethreats is a rare platform where people share photos of the most interesting, weird, funny, and chaotic threats. Scroll below to read some of the funniest ones.

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#1 It Ain’t A Dog Park

Image source: Left4pillz

#2 Sent This To A Friend Of Mine On Snapchat

Image source: wwwdotihavenolife

#3 Don’t Comment Ok Boomer Please

Image source: @chadloder

#4 W- What

Image source: supjoshlol

#5 Don’t Cross Him

Image source: @trumpetcake

#6 This Is Rare

Image source:

#7 An Email You Don’t Want To Be Getting

Image source: czarofel

#8 I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me!!!

Image source: SharquishaTBO

#9 Please Flush

Image source:

#10 Go Kart Go Vroom

Image source: Neff38

#11 Don’t Leave Your Kids Here

Image source: Left4pillz

#12 Idk If This Exactly Fits Here But I Found It Funny

Image source: iamkevdog

#13 Never Zero, Brother. Never Zero

Image source: Ella_NutEllaDraws

#14 Happened On A Discord Server

Image source: ur_mom_rekt

#15 I’m Concerned And Confused On How This Is Possible

Image source: Joey-Drew1927

#16 This Was Supposed To Be Funny. It’s Horrifying

Image source: Thespanishirishman

#17 I’ll Freaking Disable You

Image source: scheherazade0125

#18 That’s Scary

Image source: Bange-roni

#19 Who’s The Right Person?!

Image source: ivotedhillary1

#20 Pukicho Is Enraged

Image source: Nevphion

#21 A Pretty Light Threat

Image source: Left4pillz

#22 We All Got Rickrolled. Strong Opinions Were Had

Image source: LordMeme42

#23 Cold Blooded

Image source: freddyfan1235

#24 Good Luck Cleaning

Image source: Left4pillz

#25 Really Proud Of This One

Image source: Mild_microvav

#26 No One Out Pizzas The Hut

Image source: Bastard37484739

#27 I Mean… How Do You Respond To This?

Image source: GlitchGaminggirl

#28 He’s Got A Point

Image source: @Strippin

#29 Attack Mode: E N G A G E D

Image source: MLG50

#30 Merry Christmas Everyone!

Image source: Left4pillz

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