30 Embarrassing Things That People Did While Inebriated That They Would Rather Forget

Published 4 days ago

Social gatherings are often a chance to let loose and have a little fun. We also imbibe a few party favourites in the spirit of the festivities. However, there comes a limit to anyone’s threshold of intoxication, and once that’s past anything could happen. 

Oftentimes, an inebriated person passes out and all is well. However, on occasion, it leads to a tale of embarrassment that the person has to shamefully relive the next day. TikTok user dietcokegirl222 had one such experience and asked others to share their own tales of mortification so she could feel better about herself. Scroll below to read the worst things people have done under the influence that they later regretted.

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Image credits: dietcokegirl222

#1 Tripped over a guys foot and his prosthetic leg came off, I then grabbed it and tried to put it back on for him like I knew what I was doing

Image source: Marie Here, ELEVATE / pexels

#2 I broke into a museum and passed out and woke up to a tour guide telling me she’s calling the police while the whole tour group took pictures

Image source: Dwalsh114, Loïc Manegarium / pexels

#3 Tried to hide from a cop under a couch that was not high enough to crawl under (so the couch was just on top of my body and hanging off the floor)

Image source:  yuvven, Ksenia Chernaya / pexels

#4 I was a police reported missing person for 8 hours when in reality I was asleep outside of my favorite pizza shop…needless to say my friends are terrible at hide and seek

Image source: Bryce Schott, Pixabay / pexels

#5 Puked on the stairs at a bar and then proceeded to fall down the same stairs

Image source: girlboss, Mathias Reding / pexels

#6 Got drunk at my friend’s house and accidentally got into his parents bed with them

Image source:  courtneymason220, SHVETS production / pexels

#7 I wanted to show everyone how fast I could gallop, I galloped into the street and got hit by a car

Image source: mia, Artyom Kulakov / pexels

#8 Called my mom cuz I was too drunk to drive and we got in fight and I ran like 3 miles while she slow chased me in the car & ppl thought she was tryna kidnap me

Image source: _lavenderfrommatilda, Ferhat E. Arslan / pexels

#9 We were tossing glow sticks down the street and I launched one about 30 feet away and looked down in my hand only to realize the glow stick was there and I actually threw my brand new iPhone

Image source: Mplam, Dennis Wong / flickr

#10 I went into the restaurant/bar that I used to work at and started seating customers for dinner

Image source: indie, Andrea Piacquadio / pexels

#11 Got kicked out of a concert- carried out by security by all 4 limbs even. Tried to sneak back in but they grabbed me. My best friend found me balling my eyes out in the clutches of a homeless woman

Image source: alyssabosshard, Sebastian Ervi Sebastian Ervi / pexels

#12 Got black out drunk, woke up in some random guys dorm room after having thrown up on his Christmas tree, he’d been sitting watching me sleep, and proceeded to show me his coin collection

Image source: Heyhihola, Anthony / pexels

#13 I did a water aerobics routine in the pool fully clothed while being shouted at by the parents to leave the house

Image source: grace, Vincent Nguyen / pexels

#14 Woke up drunk to my lash lady saying “okay you’re lashes are done” and my car wasn’t even there which means I walked and still have no memory of going

Image source: klo!!, Joice Rivas / pexels

#15 I crashed a very important wedding. Didn’t realize I was standing at the altar and asked the priest who died

Image source: ali.karnes, Douglas Mendes / pexels

#16 Not me but my friend snuggled up with a homeless man in the alley outside of the bar. Got inside his cardboard box and everything.

Image source: user5271418309919, daveynin / flickr

#17 My friend woke up with a tortoise in her bag and a whole pizza cramed in her purse.

Image source: Connor Glasheen, Face DROPPING / pexels

#18 tried to explain synesthesia to the guy I liked and he said I reminded him of his schizophrenic uncle who stalked him

Image source: skye, Antoni Shkraba / pexels

#19 Traded my car/apartment keys and wallet for a box of orange flavored cupcakes

Image source: mallory, Karolina Grabowska / pexels

#20 don’t remember this but posted a voice note to my story saying I’m lost and scared asking for help everyone thought I was kidnapped police where called search stated..I was in my shed

Image source: ###, Pixabay / pexels

#21 Called two of my exes and they both showed up

Image source: Jademakana, Tim Douglas / pexels

#22 At my sisters engagement party i got drunk and wanted to show my mom my chaturanga (yoga push up) and i slammed my chin into the floor and flashed everyone

Image source: Tali, Chevanon Photography / pexels

#23 Walking downtown n I saw a house that I swore was an antique shop bc there were a ton of trinkets in the window so I walked in and started looking at everything but it was just some old lady’s house

Image source: dj, Ömer Derinyar / pexels

#24 Woke up in the middle of my local lake with a homeless guy and scuba gear on with no memory of why or how I got there

Image source: phoebesbridge, Maël BALLAND / pexels

#25 I threw up on a goat, and then cried for hours. I went back first thing the next morning and gave her a bath I felt so bad

Image source: C, cottonbro studio / pexels

#26 Tried to go upside down on stripper pole and fell on my head and blacked out in front of 100 people (two nights ago)

Image source: olivia, Chad Davis / flickr

#27 Walked into my neighbours LIVING ROOM (uninvited) to say hi because I noticed that their lights were still on. On a Monday night.

Image source: aurora, Marcus Aurelius / pexels

#28 Thought I was a vampire and tried to bite everyone and ended up in hospital with doctors thinking it was psychosis

Image source: lana, Ketut Subiyanto / pexels

#29 Stumbled into a pizza shop, started working behind the counter, took their trash out to the dumpsters, got offended they wouldn’t give me free pizza

Image source: court, Alpha / flickr

#30 Jumped out of a moving car because I was being forced to go home

Image source: sandra, cottonbro studio / pexels

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