30 Times People Hilariously Messed Up English Spellings Or Grammar And Ended Up On This Online Group

Published 8 months ago

English may be a global language, but sometimes, it gets hilariously lost in translation. The subreddit r/Engrish captures these linguistic mix-ups, often found in signage and packaging in East Asian countries.

This community brings the world some of the funniest, unintentional linguistic mishaps that leave native English speakers scratching their heads and laughing out loud. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Michael Wave

Image source: mommafit1

Aesthetic club : “If that was on eBay, I wouldn’t be surprised”

#2 Somewhere In India

Image source: VRIBKAGE

Katie Lutesinger : “I wonder if it means the fridge contains kid friendly drinks, ie non alcoholic?”

Cyber Returns : “I can see a row of kids being whipped by an adult shouting “PEE FASTER!” at them as they fill up the plastic bottles between sobs”

#3 It Does Have A Pin With A Ring And A Lever Tho

Image source: SparrowStardust

Cyber Returns : “For blowing up fires”

Gustav Gallifrey : “For God’s sake, don’t touch the device labelled ‘fire extinguisher’!”

#4 My Favorite…

Image source: jacktheamazing12354

Donkey boi : “I’m guessing here, but maybe.. old = Mature, money = rich”

#5 Those Are Good Reasons

Image source: AmericanClassic19

Caffeinated Hedgehog : “It’s only prohibited if it swallows 5 persons”

#6 Womem Just Are Never Allowed

Image source: Codate

Cat Chat : “Womem is what you choose of what’s wrong here? 🤷‍♀️”

Rizzo : “I want ONLY special women to enter me. Wait! What’s a womem?”

#7 Can’t Believe Nobody Checked This

Image source: NimoDaBoss

Ace : “Dyslexic proofreader?”

#8 It’s Been A While Since I’ve Had A Costume On While Watching Netflix

Image source: yearofthesquirrel

A C : “They ADDRESSED the email wrong!”

#9 Did The Devil Make This Sign?

Image source: Hurricane_Killer

XenoMurph : “My ceremonial robes got blood spatter on them from that last goat. They’ll need a cold wash.”

silowew628@picvw.com : “Thank god for the red circle”

#10 Hey! Health Department!

Image source: DumbClerk

Cat Chat : “Please DON’T”

AlienBarbu : “perfect for Ariana Grande 😛”

#11 Speaking In Tongues?

Image source: CranstonBickle

Cyber Returns : “Someone’s been at the communion wine”

#12 No Rocket-Launching Billionaires Allowed

Image source: SigmaSamurai

Amy E : “No smoking, no pets, no coal?”

#13 Please Flash Toilet

Image source: hard_to_reach_plants

real_izuku : “after releasing your tension”

Michael Largey : “To use a toilet, you pretty much have to flash it.”

#14 Cleaning Instructions On My Weighted Blanket

Image source: bitofagrump

BeeBee Buni : “Don’t forget to whip lightly guys!”

#15 “Carpet”

Image source: karan2395

Jaya : “*sad lesbian noise*”

#16 I Was Told This Belongs Here?

Image source: SchtickyMarmalade

Cyber Returns : “I would but its full of tongs”

#17 Buy A Man

Image source: fairycatbutterfly

Rizzo : “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and you can keep your fish.”

Panda Mona : “buy a cap to the fish, man”

#18 Good Ol Crappaccino

Image source: willstar127

BeeBee Buni : “Don’t eat it. From what I’ve heard, the stuff they put in it is really sus. :D”

David : “Hence the little mouse turds as topping”

#19 Are They Subtly Advertising Body Disposal Here?

Image source: Divorced_Yoda

Cyber Returns : “We don’t cut emos. They cut themselves”

#20 Spotted At Mcdonalds, Closed On The 111th Of December, Have A God Night

Image source: jason32145

Rob Chapman : “Man…..the calendar is gonna get weird in the year 20,222”

#21 Do Not Any Of The Above

Image source: jacktheamazing12354

real_izuku : “i like how it says battle instead of fight”

PE is me : “Do Not Molester. Sign needs to be posted in way more places.”

two-sided llama : “aw i am i supposed to get drunk and disorderly while doing drugs and then walk in smoking pickpocket a random woman molest her then battle her and then sit down and cry when i lose.”

Louise Melliza : “What is the pick pocket sign trying to steal….?”

#22 Someone Needs To Be Panished

Image source: SunniOdin

I heart Boo-BI-es : “Like how? Way too many people had hands and eyes on this book and cover prior to being sent to print and yet not a single one of them noticed?? I wonder if they’re hiring??”

Jaya : “I like the illustration. The autor’s name in the axe looks pretty cool.”

#23 Never Been Where’d

Image source: Responsible-Cress981

Khavrinen : “No one has ever looked for these shoes on Google Maps.”

#24 Be Aware

Image source: CharlieMike111

Cyber Returns : “Every time you pick something up to look at it you can hear the shop owner cocking his shotgun.”

David : “There are some countries where this might not be a spelling error.”

#25 So Many To Give A Title, But My Favourite Is “You Live Baby With Ham”. Enjoy This List

Image source: WittyYak

Undercover : “I secrete to the ancient mustard 💩👀”

#26 Pick Your Poison

Image source: jacktheamazing12354

Donkey boi : “‘Cat ears’ are a type of noodle that are shaped like, you guessed it, a cat’s ear.”

#27 I’d Know McDonald’s Has A Menu For Man-Eater

Image source: gewzk

aj : “Safety first, kids!”

Spittnimage : “🎶He’s a maneater🎶”

#28 Tic Tacs Disable Me

Image source: unoiledsamoa477

Cat Chat : “Omg, they were sooo good, and I’m disabled anyway, so …🙋‍♀️”

Lotekguy : “They serve filet minion there?”

#29 Good Luck

Image source: Verm1n

Craig Boddys : “Standard wish labelling”

#30 Huh…?

Image source: The_Massiosare

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