30 First-World Anarchists Who Rebelled In The Most Unexpected Places

Published 3 years ago

Constantly living by the rules imposed by society can get pretty boring, and sometimes you just want to spice up your life a little bit. However, that doesn’t mean you should resort to doing something dangerous or illegal – a little sprinkle of anarchy in the right place is more than enough to satisfy that urge.

The First World Anarchists subreddit is dedicated to people rebelling in the most unexpected places, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Check out these anarchists at work in the gallery below!

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#1 Check Out The Peanuts On These Guys

Image source: 69Expert

#2 God Save The Queen

Image source: gotfoundout

#3 Do Not Flip

Image source: Isai76

#4 Too Cool For School

Image source: alexschwarz_1

#5 This Guy Gets It

Image source: dwarfboy1717

#6 Firefighters > Cops

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Things I Hate

Image source: tadisfox

#8 A Fair Response

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Nathan Filliom Gets It….

Image source: thestaggart

#10 This Picture Gets It

Image source: EnderDude617

#11 He Jus Wanna Drink

Image source: SushiKabab11

#12 If You Didn’t Already Know, Baristas Are Above The Law

Image source: greeneyedguru

#13 “Don’t Tell Me What To Do”

Image source: yaboiiifinn

#14 This Kid Gets It

Image source: supersammy00

#15 This Kid Has A Future

Image source: 0zerotrav

#16 This Lad

Image source: bakerie

#17 Absolute Mad Lads Troll The Dmv

Image source: NicheArchitecture

#18 This Will Never End

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#19 True Rebel

Image source: vkrammi

#20 The Guy Who Wore A Pepsi Shirt To The World Of Coca-Cola Museum

Image source: zerotolerance40

#21 Not Me But Now I’m Inspired

Image source: liamthetate

#22 Whatever, I Do What I Want!

Image source: MrGoodFingers

#23 Too Late

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#24 Bills Bills Bills…

Image source: jbsmomhasgotitgoinon

#25 F You, I’m Bringing My Sausages On This Bus

Image source: sickbruv

#26 One Of Us

Image source: epistemicviolence

#27 Upstanding Citizens

Image source: AdamMcC1572

#28 Show ‘Em Who’s Boss

Image source: Legitimate_Luke

#29 This Vending Machine Has Graduated To A New Level Of Anarchy

Image source: NealCruco

#30 Bbc News Gets It

Image source: Myoplasmic

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