20 Tattoos People Probably Regretted Inking On Their Bodies, As Shared On This Online Group

Published 10 months ago

Tattoos are a timeless form of self-expression, allowing individuals to wear their stories, beliefs, and passions on their skin. While many tattoos turn out beautifully and hold deep personal meanings, there are instances when things go hilariously awry.

Let’s delve into the world of tattoo mishaps and funny tattoo fails that were posted on the internet. These mishaps remind us that even the best-laid plans can sometimes result in a good laugh.

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#1 Dude Said He Was Fine With A “Free Tattoo”

Image source: Jay Wassner

#2 It’s Supposed To Be A Cat Nose

Image source: anon

#3 Just… Why?

Image source: anon

#4 Literally What Is This

Image source: Brook Kidd

#5 So I Am An Emt And I Was Looking Up Ambulance Inspired Ink.. I Came Across This Gem

Image source: Merri Kali Whitman

#6 Sorry But What The F Is This?? The Placement???

Image source: Loranda Tutt

#7 This Guy Is From My Hometown. I Don’t Even Understand What This Is Supposed To Be About

Image source: anon

#8 Someone I Knew Got A Tattoo On Vacation… Is It Completely Hopeless?

Image source: anon

#9 Big Yikes. Found On Tik Tok

Image source: David Jimenez

#10 Friend Posted They Got A New Neck Tattoo And The Artist Did A Fantastic Job

Image source: anon

#11 I Don’t…. I Can’t Understand It. The Longer You Get… The Worse It Is

Image source: anon

#12 Local Nc Artist

Image source: Moriah Breeden

#13 I Finally Have Something To Post! So Much Going On. One Of My Matches On A Dating App

Image source: Hayley Livingston


Image source:  Zella Nyx

#15 The Skull

Image source: Morgan Levoškin

#16 I Have No Words

Image source: Ally Platt

#17 Super Bad

Image source: Emmanuelle Le Normand

#18 I Did It Guys… I Finally Found One In The Wild

Image source: Lara Cottrell

#19 The Hands

Image source: anon

#20 Loyaty

Image source: anon

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