This Online Group Roasts Awful Tattoo Designs, And Here Are 30 Of The Worst

Published 11 months ago

Let’s talk about some seriously weird and questionable tattoos people decided to get permanently inked on their skin. We’re talking misspelled words, bizarre emojis, faceless portraits, and even random everyday objects! And let’s not forget those regrettable ex’s names and strange trends that come and go.

Tattoos are all about personal expression, but let’s remember to choose designs that we’ll love for a lifetime. Cheers to meaningful tattoos and avoiding those “What were they thinking?!” moments!

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#1 Someone Got “Freckles” Tattooed Which Look Like Blackheads

Image source: butt-sniffler

#2 Comic Sans

Image source: hillydanger

#3 Appreciate Life Indeed

Image source: manicmermaids

#4 River Plate Fan Makes A Tattoo With A QR Code That Leads To A Video With The Goals Of The Final. One Day Later The Video Is Taken Down

Image source:

#5 “That Last Look Into Your Daughter’s Eyes”

Image source: dmstream

#6 Always Listen To Your Mom

Image source: Kelly240361

#7 It’s Supposed To Be The Sun, But It Looks Like A Medical Condition

Image source: TurkayLurkay

#8 Nothing Comes Between Me And My Calvins

Image source: double22deuce

#9 Wow, Now This Is A Really Dedicated Christian

Image source: The_Important_Stuff

#10 It Just Needs Shading Apparently

Image source: Locustdawn

#11 Guy Got Wednesday Tattoed On Him. Looks More Like Samuel L. Jackson’s Daughter

Image source: sladeshied

#12 Can I Have More Eyebrows Please?

Image source: sakurakirei

#13 My Husband Made The Mistake Of Letting Our Neighbor Practice On Him

Image source: inthedarktheresnolit

#14 Meow

Image source: LargeCzar

#15 Nailed It

Image source: HyperLathe

#16 They Thought It Said “You Will Forever Be In My Heart”. As An Irish Man, I Can Confirm It Actually Says “Do I Have Permission To Go To The Bathroom”

Image source:

#17 Friendship Tattoos

Image source:

#18 Unicorn Pony Boy. Before And After The Corona-Pocalypse

Image source: handlebars34

#19 Found On A Google Review Of A Local Tattoo Shop From 4 Years Ago

Image source: minvo

#20 Corset Tattoo Gone Wrong

Image source: Snafu37

#21 Matching Butterfly Tattoo Fail

Image source: twodarkness4983

#22 Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Cheap Ink

Image source: TigerUppercut08

#23 He Sees You When He’s Sleeping

Image source: notsuoh

#24 A Girl I Went To High School With Got This Tattoo

Image source: madeinjapan89

#25 Facebook Friend Loves His New Tattoo

Image source: ladysouljah

#26 Aaaaah, Florida

Image source: Ser_Icehole

#27 Jesus Has Failed

Image source: bidonesbol

#28 Found This Gem Trolling Local Tattoo Artists’ Instagrams

Image source: swump

#29 Girl I Know Posted This On Facebook. The Line-Work Is Giving Me An Aneurysm

Image source: ciciraine

#30 The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Image source: wakeforda

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