30 Hysterically Funny Posts Showing Husbands And Boyfriends With A Great Sense Of Humour

Published 1 year ago

People always say that one of the most important assets of a great guy is if he can make you laugh. We definitely agree that anything to do with a good sense of humour is to be appreciated. 

So today, we take a moment to run through all the content available online where husbands and boyfriends have done something absolutely hilarious yet heartwarming at the same time for the ones they care about the most.

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#1 I Made A “Play Boy” Calendar For My Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day

Image source: reddit.com

#2 While My Wife Was Away, I Had To Keep Sending Sexy Photos To Remind Her What She’s Got At Home

Image source: The_Craig1986

#3 My Husband Rarely Throws Out The Rolls. So A Week Ago, I Decided To Go On A Strike. Today I Came Home To This

Image source: shadowreverie

#4 I Fixed Our Bathroom Picture. The Wife Was Not Amused

Image source: mrprikei

#5 This Is How I Like To Make My Girlfriend Laugh

Image source: CURcubeu0_0

#6 Apparently, This Is What My Husband Does To Our Cat When I’m Not Home

Image source: keepitloki80

#7 Happy Toot Day

Image source: Lockraemono

#8 My Boyfriend Was Pregnant Beyonce For Halloween

Image source: tfotheufo

#9 During A 12-Hour Flight Delay, My Boyfriend Wandered Off. When I Found Him, He Was In The Middle Of A Pixar Movie Marathon With A Group Of 5-Year-Olds

Image source: janeR61

#10 My Wife Asked Me To Pick Up A Roll Of Hannukah Wrapping Paper. The Criteria I Was Given Was “It Should Be Blue And White”

Image source: bubonis

#11 My Husband Made Me A Mel-O-Lantern For Summerween

Image source: Brkiri

#12 My Husband Got Me A Bouquet Of Mushrooms For Mother’s Day

Image source: MrsStrangelov

#13 I Bought This Makeup Holder From A Thrift Store. My Name Is Not Hannah. I Asked My Husband If He Somehow Could Cover Up The Name. This Was His Million-Dollar Idea

Image source: Darkangel1979

#14 My Boyfriend Wore A Mustache And A Vintage Style Swimsuit The Entire Time We Were At A Water Park. This Was The Best Shot I Got Of Him

Image source: AsSeenOnStevie

#15 I Asked My Husband To Buy Plastic Cups So That We Don’t Always Have To Drink From Glass Cups And Potentially Break Them. This Is What He Bought, And No, We Don’t Have Kids

Image source: ArchieFartsy

#16 My Wife Had Our Bedroom Paris-Themed. I Thought It Needed A Bit More Decorations, So I Bought This Baguette

Image source: SC487

#17 Not Even A Day After Our Dog Had A Mass Removal, I Ended Up Having An Emergency Appendectomy. My Wife Is Taking Care Of Both Of Us

Image source: ninja996

#18 My Husband Was So Excited About His Custom Card

Image source: clovergirlerin

#19 Diva Got Some New Dresses In The Mail Today But Was At Work. She Really Wanted To See Them Though, So I Took Some Selfies To Show Her

Image source: orchidderek

#20 Everyone Runs Into Our Garden Window, So I Made This Sign. My Wife Says No One Will Get It

Image source: CatVideoFest

#21 My Son Was Really Excited When My Wife And I Agreed To A Pokemon-Themed Halloween Until He Saw My Costume

Image source: nerge

#22 My Husband And I Did Maternity Pictures. Here Is The Best One

Image source: Zethley

#23 She Looks Like She’s At The Museum Contemplating What That Piece Actually Means

Image source: whereisyvette

#24 I Was Worried For A Second There. My Husband Is A Funny Guy

Image source: JessyPearl

#25 My Husband Photoshopped Our Cat As An Astronaut And Had It Printed On His Vans. Sweetest Boy In Space

Image source: TripleXTina

#26 So My Boyfriend And I Were Beauty And The Beast For Halloween

Image source: knittwisp

#27 I Asked My Wife What She Wanted For Her Birthday, And She Said: “Cat Stuff.” I Think I Nailed It

Image source: JephriB

#28 My Husband Got Me Good With A Rat He Made From Clipping His Hair

Image source: Pangur_Ban_Hammer

#29 Today I Welcomed My First Child Into The World. Here’s A Photo Of Me Waking Up After Passing Out In The OR

Image source: Hueybluebelt

#30 My Wife Won’t Let Me Wear This To A Rehearsal Dinner, And We’re Both Pissed

Image source: NBAJam95

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