40 Employees Who “Technically” Followed Orders With Funny Results

Published 6 months ago

We are all guilty at some point or another of doing just the bare minimum at our jobs. But some employees have made an art of skating by technically doing their jobs and not much more with the results being absolutely hilarious. 

Scroll below to check out this funny collection of pics found one the ‘I Did The Job, Boss’ subreddit, when folks decided that they had done just about enough to warrant their pay-check and even though it leaves a lot to be desired, it certainly is highly entertaining at least. 

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#1 Stopped The Pride Parade Boss

Image source: lifeordeathsworld

BluKatTheBlueCat (BluKat): BAHHHHHAAHAHAH karma!!!

#2 Put Up The Evacuation Plan, Boss

Image source: lifeordeathsworld

Fakeus nameus (edited): I mean, what else are you going to do? Bear crawl?

#3 Where’s My Raise Boss?

Image source: Six_Rabbit

Fakeus nameus: Idk that’s almost cooler

#4 An Appropriate Subtitle

Image source: reddit.com

Genevieve DeLangie: i hate when subtitles do this!! it’s not helpful at all and even worse for people with poor hearing who need the subtitles.

#5 I Added Eyes To The Photo Boss

Image source: reddit.com

Fakeus nameus: Bro is the main character of the next exorcist

#6 Listed Some Of The Allergies Boss

Image source: Few-Ad2663

The Disneyland Duck: Gets an allergic reaction, then gets more allergic…

#7 Following The Steps Carefully

Image source: reddit.com

AtMostTheFabulist: Step 2. Leave the kitchen before the glasses explode.

#8 I Mean

Image source: Memesallthewayboii

Zaphod: Adds “Director of Communications” to resume.

#9 I’m Not A Robot

Image source: Six_Rabbit

Watermelon_gum (she/her): You can never be too sure these days

#10 “Are You Sure This Isn’t A Mistake Boss?”

Image source: Six_Rabbit

Watermelon_gum (she/her):  Giants have to get their shoes somewhere. Obviously.

#11 Put Up Signs About Satanizing The Laundry Room

Image source: tyw7

Synsepalum: Hell yeah, sign me up!

#12 Didn’t Fit In The Mailbox

Image source: reddit.com

TheMagicOfBeingMia (She/Her): Yeah tell us

#13 Put The Sign Up Boss

Image source: Few-Ad2663

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): I want to print some of these and start posting them around town!

#14 I Made The Political Campaign Poster Boss

Image source: Kush_Likes_That

La Lucy: Well, technically, they’re not wrong about being the answer!

#15 I Made The Wheelchair Ramp, Boss

Image source: l_the_weeb_king_l

thebookwasbetter: Watch me get some air on this one fellas

#16 You Wanted Me To Put The Expiry *day* Right?

Image source: Memesallthewayboii

#17 Used The Billboard To Sell More Chicken Strips Boss

Image source: Memesallthewayboii

The Cute Cat:  Nah, this is clever

#18 They Installed The Alarm, Boss

Image source: Ogurasyn

Sue Denham: Looks pretty accurate.

#19 Rosa Parks

Image source: pietradolce

#20 He Did The Job

Image source: reddit.com

Little Bi Guy: I mean I would be caught doing s**t in that area

#21 I Tried My Best To Write His Name

Image source: Few-Ad2663

#22 I For Lady B-I-Rd

Image source: reddit.com

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa) : It’s like there are no animals that begin with the letter “I”.

#23 What Do You Mean By “This Is A Historical Monument”?

Image source: reddit.com

C W: That makes my stomach hurt.

#24 This Fits

Image source: Rizatriptan_96

#25 Write A Dictionary Definition For Horse

Image source: WanderBadger

Genie Kayleigh: It’s a horse, of course!

#26 We’re Going Green Boss

Image source: Six_Rabbit

S Bow: The irony is actually painful

#27 The Staircase Is Complete, Boss!

Image source: AnotherAccount4This

C W: I love this. That must have taken a lot of work.

#28 Made The Sign To Attract More Customers Boss

Image source: Memesallthewayboii

DJR: Show me the lie

#29 No Smoking

Image source: pietradolce

Watermelon_gum (she/her): I’ll be sure to smoke in French from now on

#30 Cant Be Asked

Image source: Memesallthewayboii

thebookwasbetter : I’m paid to mow the lawns, not move the cones

#31 I Wrote The Google Page Boss

Image source: dacanadiankid

Tucker Cahooter: More great information waiting to be harvested by AI

#32 I Programmed The Forgot Password Button Boss

Image source: thyme_cardamom

#33 “Disqualified”

Image source: BrendanInJersey

thebookwasbetter: Damn, which school do they go to? I’ve gotta transfer

#34 I Translated It To Spanish, Boss

Image source: PauloDybala_10

Boo-Urns: 100% guarantee this was an intentional joke at some construction site.

#35 I Painted The Mercedes, Boss!

Image source: Immaloner

fionna live your bi truth: OH NO THEY FORGOT TO COVER THE WINDOWS

#36 I Put The Warning Label On Boss!

Image source: Six_Rabbit

thebookwasbetter: Don’t tell me what to do

#37 Teachers Making Quizzes

Image source: reddit.com

Mr. Nurse Man: Agent 47

#38 I Hope This Sign Solves Our Issue Boss!

Image source: Six_Rabbit

Jen SamaraHey but it’s free fertilizer sir.

#39 Freshly Painted In My Home Town Today

Image source: My_Clean_Account_

#40 I Labeled The Package Boss

Image source: SuperDuperOtter

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