30 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Shopping Online

Published 1 year ago

When it comes to online shopping, you never know what you’re going to get until your order arrives. Though, it’s a tried and tested fact that when you see an unbelievably good deal online, there is a high chance that it won’t be up to snuff.

Time and again, people have shared their most hilarious and disappointing online shopping experiences. Those expectations vs reality images serve as a warning that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Check out the funniest online shopping fails in the gallery below. And if you want more, make sure to read our previous posts here and here!

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#1 The Cake That Was Ordered And The Cake That Arrived

Image source: OfficialBigHead

#2 BFF Got This Bear Hat For My Cat To Recreate An Adorable Instagram Post She Saw

Image source: JJsNoodles

#3 Be Sure To Always Check The Size When Ordering Treats

Image source: BuddyBonButt

#4 What My Sister Ordered vs. What She Received

Image source: Pikeur603

#5 What Was Ordered vs. What Was Received Through Our Beloved Daraz

Image source: Shanzaf

#6 I Ordered 4 Sliders And Received 270 Bread Rolls. Such A Waste

Image source: FatCatBoxNap

#7 That’s What Achilles Wore When He Was Going To War

Image source: Anele

#8 This Is How My Walmart Delivery Order Came. I Called Customer Service To Ask What I Should Do And They Said Just Break It

Image source: forlaughingtime

#9 What A Friend Of Mine Ordered On A Costume Site And What She Got

Image source: dogbreathphoto

#10 My Fiancé And I Ordered A Navy Bathmat And This Came, 10/10 Would Order Again

Image source: NODifyou_underSTAND

#11 You Also Need To Order Hips, Thick Thighs, And A Push-Up Bra Then Dye The Clothes Red

Image source: tolanibaj

#12 So I Ordered A Spider-Man Mask A While Back, And This Is What Came In

Image source: UrameshiYuusuke

#13 Even My Dog Was Disappointed In This Facebook Ad Purchase

Image source: printablewisdom1

#14 I Came Home To A Package I Didn’t Order – I Opened It Up To Find This And Have No Idea Who To Thank

Image source: gintherthegreat

#15 There Was An Attempt For “Discrete Packaging” By The Adult Site I Ordered From

Image source: imreddit_rick

#16 What To Do When You Order A Small T-Shirt, And They Send You An XXXL

Image source: Rebound

#17 I Ordered A Seinfeld Shirt From China And Not Only It Has “Friends” Printed On It But It Also Has R Letter Missing

Image source: Jameskii

#18 The Dog Bed My Mum Ordered For 99€

Image source: Riinmi

#19 I Told My Dad Not To Buy Anything From Wish, But He Made Me Order It For Him… It Didn’t Go Well

Image source: EzzieValentine

#20 This Is What Happens When You Order Stuff Off Facebook. What I Ordered vs. What I Actually Received

Image source: suzanne_young

#21 I Have A Sick Dog So I Ordered £70 Worth Of Groceries From Morrisons Via Deliveroo. Morrisons Accepted The Order But Canceled Almost Every Item. And I Got An Onion

Image source: f3361eb076bea

I paid £5 for delivery and £5 tip. Deliveroo refused to cancel. Behold, the world’s most expensive onion.

#22 My GF Ordered Some Ankle Weights For Running And Somehow Got Sent This Instead… Trying To Convince Her To Just Go Out Running With The Hammer

Image source: Tex_

#23 My Mum Ordered This Online

Image source: ItsDaiisy

#24 After Seeing The Pic Of My Nephew In His New Christmas Gift My SO Thinks He “Might Have Ordered The Wrong Size”

Image source: the_drunken_taco

#25 Thought My Amazon App Was Frozen, Guess Not

Image source: NN96

#26 My Beautiful Order From ProFlowers

Image source: BluntLema

#27 Ordered A Cute Pink Pig Kawaii Cushion Plush. But The One I Received Is All Hairy And Weird

Image source: Grommulox

#28 Just Ordered A Pepperoni Pizza

Image source: Civil-Celebration-28

#29 Ordered These Grinches For My Sister’s Baby Shower… Blown Away By What I Was Sent

Image source: allstartinter2021

#30 Ordered A $3 Watch From Amazon. Nailed It

Image source: removeyou

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