30 Old School Problems That Are No Longer Relatable

Published 4 years ago

Today’s kids have it pretty easy when it comes to technology – mainly because they didn’t have to struggle with the same problems most of us used to. I’m talking about running out of space in your 512 MB mp3 player or having to delete text messages from your “button phone” one by one. And even though they may seem hilariously obsolete now, that’s what most of us had to face daily in the good ol’ early 2000s.

What we have for you today is a collection of old school problems that will take you a good 15 years back in time. Flip phones with internet-dedicated buttons, burning your own CD’s and the nightmare that was Limewire – check out all the obsolete problems from the past in the gallery below!

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Removing the faceplate of your car stereo so it wouldn’t get stolen


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Having to wait for your disposable camera pictures to develop only to find out you ruined them with your thumb


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Kids these days will never know the struggle.


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Having to push buttons up to 3 times to get the letter you wanted.




Burning a CD and seeing these words


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Today’s kids will never understand the struggle of trying to maintain coolness after the song you were singing to on your cd started skipping




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Getting hit on the ankle by a razor scooter.


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