30 Times Pets Scared The Living Daylights Out Of Their Owners

Published 12 months ago

Pets are notorious for their mischievous behavior, and sometimes, they manage to spook their owners with their comical antics. From jumping out of hiding spots to surprising their humans with unusual sounds, our furry friends can be both adorable and downright spooky.

In this article, we will explore some hilarious instances where pets managed to give their owners a good scare through their silly actions. Scroll below and enjoy!

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#1 My Dog Holding A Pinecone

Image source: ArktickWolfie

#2 Time For A Nap. Scared Me For A Moment

Image source: emcasi

#3 Every Year On Christmas My Sister’s Dog Greets Me With This Cute/Terrifying Grin

Image source: DField118

#4 Blue Likes To Hide Under The Couch And Pop Out To Scare Me

Image source: bluehasinsta

#5 Demon Time

Image source: Electrical_Hornet459

#6 Cat Got Into A Bowl Of Flour

Image source: _fly-on-the-wall

#7 Why Even Own A Hairless Cat?

Image source: Panuccis_Pizza

#8 Last Thing You See If You Forgot To Fill The Food Bowl

Image source: Gordon_Freeman_TJ

#9 This Toy Makes My Dog Look Scary

Image source: Daminite

#10 This Little Jerk Scared The Hell Out Of Me

Image source: mavienoire

#11 Switch From Cute To Evil

Image source: EnvySugarCover

#12 I Knew Cats Could Defy Gravity. I Didn’t Know They Could Do So In Such A Terrifying Eye-Laser-Equipped Ways

Image source: qwer1627

#13 My Roommate’s Cat Was Being Cute In The Middle Of The Night So I Took A Picture With Flash And Saw This

Image source: elliotgranath

#14 How To Stop My Keyboard From Lighting Up When My Cat Steps On It At Night?

Image source: Clara_Clayton

#15 Sometimes When He’s Dreaming Really Hard His Eyelids Open A Tiny Bit And He Looks Like A Demon Dog

Image source: zombioptic

#16 I Present The Most Terrifying Image In My Camera Roll

Image source: pixelandsophie, pixelandsophie

#17 I Saw This On My Way To Bed. Why Do My Cats Do This To Me

Image source: CaptainEdibles

#18 My Cats Are Haunted

Image source: BlackSheep717

#19 My Dog Holds This Look For About 5 Minutes If You Don’t Rub His Belly

Image source: loona_lovebad

#20 I Looked Down And Saw Her Staring At Me From Under The Rug. It Scared Me Until I Realized It Was Her

Image source: Leila_Koch

#21 Mentioned We Were Out Of Treats On My Way Out Of The Room. Came Back To This

Image source: JennDG

#22 Those Are All Cat Eyes

Image source: PoetsSquareCats

#23 Rictus Grin

Image source: bladpaul

#24 She Stayed Like This For Solid 10 Minutes Just Staring At Me

Image source: Ellielovesfoxes

#25 My Little Demon

Image source: obamaweeb

#26 This Is Gar. Gar Likes To Aggressively Watch Me Pee

Image source: discoheaven97

#27 Stanley The Dog

Image source: Energylegs23

#28 There’s A Monster Under My Bed

Image source: bokononpreist

#29 Our Demon

Image source: infinitytomorrow

#30 My Cat Matt

Image source: Tnasty006006

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