30 Times Pets Hilariously Asked For Attention When They Were Jealous

Published 1 year ago

Pets crave as much attention as humans do. After all, we all want to feel special, don’t we? However, there is a weird emotion that comes up when we see our loved ones directing their attention toward other things or other beings. Yes, it’s called jealousy! Humans and pets are aware of this emotion alike. It’s the feeling of insecurity or fear of losing what you had before but someone else is getting it now.

Pets have their own ways of expressing jealousy when their owners show love to other pets or even other humans. And today, we’ve collected some hilarious photos of pets not wanting to share their owners. Check out the funniest ones in the gallery below.

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#1 This Is What Stages Of Jealousy Look Like

Image source: Rawtashk

#2 This Is Athena, She Is A 9-Year-Old Labrador. As You Can See She’s A Chunker But She Gets Jealous When She Sees Our Smaller Dogs On Our Laps And Throws A Fit

Image source: Martinstanley12

“So of course I have succumbed to her commands.”

#3 My Cat Cat Disapproves Of Human/Dog Love. I Didn’t Even Know She Could Do That Face

Image source: nanatalada

#4 GF And I Were Holding Hands. Then This Happened

Image source: abilledeaux

#5 He Gets Jealous When We Try To Play With His Buddy

Image source: parentsti

#6 Missing Out On The Kisses

Image source: xSpiderBabyx

#7 Someone Was Jealous

Image source: chasinafterhappiness

#8 This Is Roger. He Gets Jealous Of His Human Baby Brother. Acts Out By Stealing Pacifiers And Demanding To Be Held

Image source: dog_rates

#9 Jealous Of The New Member Of The Home

Image source: fatihcik

#10 I Was Already Cuddling Joni, Then Nico Got Jealous And Plonked Himself On Top Of Her

Image source: spome2

#11 Went To Take A Picture Of My Puppy, And Captured My Jealous Cat In The Background

Image source: Missmayo

#12 My Uncle Found A Bird. His Cat Is Jealous

Image source: reddit.com

#13 My In-Law’s Dogs Posed So Well With My Wife For A Picture, But Our Dog Got Jealous And Wanted To Be In The Shot Too

Image source: Mapes

#14 Taking Photos Of My 5-Month-Old Baby And Sammy Got Jealous

Image source: canuchangeusernames

“I was squatting down to take pictures and my dog jumped up onto my leg and leaned in. I kept taking pictures. This was a later picture when he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted so he got that hilarious desperate look in his eye.”

#15 My Dog Got Way Too Jealous When I Was Cuddling With My Cat. Walked Over, Nudged Him Off Me, Then Just Laid On Top Of Him

Image source: rachar2187

#16 4 Day Old Baby + A Jealous Cat = Cutest Snuggles

Image source: catlover3434

#17 I Think My Dog Is Jealous Of The Baby

Image source: Huckleberry_Rogers

#18 My Niece Picked Her Name, So Meet Kiwi! That’s Cruz Down There Jealous He Can’t Also Be Carried Around

Image source: buhfuhkin

#19 Someone Is Jealous

Image source: wantganja420

#20 Someone Is Jealous Of The Attention My Baby Brother Was Getting

Image source: defenseman13

#21 I Think Someone’s Jealous

Image source: fiddle_sticks_

#22 Why Is He Getting All The Attention?

Image source: KaySheedy

#23 I Am Such A Jealous Cat When It Comes To Time With My Dad Lately

Image source: andthepetshaveit

#24 My Brother-In-Law’s Dog Gets Jealous When They Take Monthly Pictures Of Their New Baby. So They Found A Solution

Image source: TearsOfARapper84

#25 Someone Was Jealous She Wasn’t Getting Pats

Image source: WhenWhereWho

#26 My Pup Gets Jealous When I’m Photographing People And Feels The Need To Get Involved

Image source: BeerBellies

#27 Someone Is Jealous

Image source: estacaoteimosa878

#28 Someone Was Jealous Of His Much Smaller Brother’s Bed. Yes, He Has His Own Perfectly Good Bed

Image source: Aprilismissing

#29 The Cat Went For A Belly Rub. The Dog Got Jealous. Now This Is Happening

Image source: veschwab

#30 Sophie To The Right Was A Little Jealous Meeting Her New Baby Sister Coco

Image source: Hutlet

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