“This Is My Life Now”: 30 Oddly Hilarious Photos Of Humans And Animals Accepting Their Fate

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes, people get into an unexpected situation and don’t know how to respond to it, so they end up accepting their fate and just going with the flow. There is even an online community dedicated to those people- “This Is My Life Now “. The Reddit group has around 881k members who enjoy “gifs or pics of people and animals accepting their uncommon situations”.

Whether it’s a pet just accepting its owner’s ridiculous costumes or some humans just ignoring the fact that a bird is traveling with them on the subways, the Reddit group is full of hilarious images of unusual situations. Check out some of them in the gallery below.

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#1 Tigress Isn’t Amused

Image source: americanthaiguy

#2 Watchtower

Image source: reddit.com

#3 A Boston Terrier That Hates Getting Its Nails Clipped Is Resigned To Its Fate

Image source: OllyTwist

#4 Liquid 4 Life

Image source: cakes1todough1

#5 Wholesome Doggos

Image source: DJ-EINSTEIN

#6 Sure, You Might Think You’re Goth, But Unless You Dejectedly Ride The Subway With Your Raven, You May As Well Hang Up Your Black Velvet Frock Coat And Hit The Beach

Image source: GallowBoob

#7 Ibex On The Chimney

Image source: GallowBoob

#8 My Name Is Ned, Now I’m A Bed, And If I Ruffs, I Scare The Fluffs, I Cannot Move, I Just Play Dead, My Name Is Ned, And I’m A Bed

Image source: reddit.com

#9 This Is My Life Now

Image source: ValerieDilley

#10 Dad Is Living His Best Life, Mom Is Contemplating Her Life Choices

Image source: miaworm

#11 Well Done, Little Guy! Well Done!

Image source: Ze-skywalker

#12 Snow Owls Sleep Like They Just Got Back From A Night Of Heavy Drinking And Missed The Bed

Image source: GallowBoob

#13 I’m A Birdog Now

Image source: [deleted]

#14 When Your Airbnb Comes With A Cat

Image source: GallowBoob

#15 Licia Ronzulli, Member Of The European Parliament, Has Been Taking Her Daughter Vittoria To The Parliament Sessions When The Girl Was Just Over A Month Old

Image source: GallowBoob

#16 You Have To Either Wipe Or Walk Away Without Wiping. Both Choices Aren’t Pleasant

Image source: KILLSTER121343

#17 We Got Bored And Our Cat Is A Heavy Sleeper, So We Helped Him Live Up To His Nickname

Image source: fijistudios

#18 I See No Otter Way Out…

Image source: shotteh22

#19 Cat Accepts Duck Religon

Image source: JaqishHampi

#20 The Best Way To Advertise Your Garage Sale Nearby

Image source: GallowBoob

#21 That Puppy Life

Image source: GallowBoob

#22 These Two Best Friend Have One Peculiar Story

Image source: GallowBoob

#23 Looks Like I’m One Of Them Now

Image source: GallowBoob

#24 This Is Fine

Image source: JerryfromTomandJerry

#25 “King Good Boy” To You, Peasants

Image source: GallowBoob

#26 He’s On His First Snow Adventure. Got Tired Immediately And Had To Be Carried The Rest Of The Way.

Image source: GallowBoob

#27 Motherhood

Image source: reddit.com

#28 “I’m A Disney Princess Now”

Image source: Pirate_Redbeard

#29 Looter Boy – This Dog Was Photographed After The Hurricane Hit Looting A Big Bag Of Dog Food And Embracing The Life Of Survival

Image source: GallowBoob

#30 I’ll Just Become A Couch Then

Image source: GallowBoob

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