40 Of The Funniest Signs That People Randomly Came Across

Published 6 months ago

When out and about in public, we see many signs displayed that are designed to give us information or make us aware of the rules and regulations in different venues and establishments. While most signs are pretty basic, to the point and rather boring, occasionally, some stand out from the norm.

One Facebook page by the apt moniker ‘Give Me A Sign‘, is a dedicated forum where folks can share the wackiest, funniest and unhinged signs they’ve spotted in the wild. We’ve run through the page to find the most comical and entertaining signs out of the lot to share with you in the gallery below. 

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#1 Legit Question, Tho

Image source: Jeff Crouse

WindySwedeAnd common sense and kindness? :)

#2 Yes, Hello, I’d Like One Violence, Please

Image source: Mijhael R

Thee8thsensePeek a boo, I’m going to get you…

#3 Poop In The Kitty Litter, That’ll Teach Them…

Image source: Linda Joy

SpannermonkeyUpvote for title.

#4 Buy Two, Get One Free

Image source: Barbie Colorado

Jack Harris: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

#5 Guess Who’s Doing Laps Around The Block?

Image source: Albert Robinson

Gay PanicHow long til the shirts come off?

#6 No Forks Given

Image source: Rik Lasater

Bored somethingThat’s a very big duck.

#7 I Keep Mine On The Wall, It Gets A Better View Of Me

Image source: Barbara Tortorici

Ruby Williamssuper observant…

#8 Boomer Humor

Image source: Barbie Colorado

#9 “Happy Hiking…” = Good Luck, Buddy, Hope You’re A Better Runner Than Your Friends

Image source: Neepa Vora

glowworm2This one’s a classic joke.🤣

#10 What Do You Think That Sign Is Supposed To Mean?

Image source: Ambio Lara

Jane No DoughIt means they’re cubs and mom is never far away.

#11 But Can They Do A Ba-Dum-Tss?

Image source: Kimberly Ellis

irishleo8371I’ve got a fever… and the only cure… is more cowbell

#12 “The Lifesavers Say It All”

Image source: Barbie Colorado

Korean Boi: dang thats actually wild

#13 I Mean, Someone Will Definitely Cosider This As A Sign

Image source: Rory Magpayo

Griffin ColeDo I quit? Do I never do my best? My mind is spinning…

#14 Until*

Image source: Jack Mendes

Thee8thsenseMaybe start with a spelling lesson…

#15 Ah, Yes, Reinforcing The “Dad Needs Conditions To Be Perfect” Stereotype

Image source: Seth Mokler

SparkDragonSo if you can see your breath, you need to get dressed?

#16 That Bathroom Must Be Spotless If It’s Fit For Dining

Image source: Andy Thompson

Bored somethingIf someone is going to eat a customer they may not be that fussy about hygiene. They are probably just hoping for the opportunity.

#17 Also, You’re Not A Ref, Sit Down, Tim

Image source: Cody Dines

Jane No DoughBrilliant! This should be posted at every kid’s ball field in America.

#18 Did You Try Cleaning The Gunk Out Of The Mouse?

Image source: Jason Smith

WindySwede“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

#19 This One’s Thinking Outside The Box

Image source: Ione Smith

Cloakred_Is_BoredGreat advice

#20 “And Here All Along I Thought It Was The Hamburger That Was Doing The Helping”

Image source: Erik Hill

#21 Not With That Attitude

Image source: Frank Arroyo

Andrew Keirand, beware brewer’s droop …

#22 What An Eventful Day That Was!

Image source: Brendan R. Appel

Multa NocteHisterical Committee!

#23 Cursed Strawberries

Image source: Mike Jiminez

nunya beeswaxEygiptian

#24 Talk About All Inclusive

Image source: Deborah Harding

Magnifico GiganticusReminds me of how a friend used to answer the phone: D**k’s Hotdogs! If you like hotdogs you’ll looove D**k’s!

#25 Whose Bright Idea Was That?

Image source: Neepa Vora

Adam ZadTake the bulb out. Then, he’ll be delighted.

#26 Cheers

Image source: Kelly Hunsaker

Teutonic DisasterMore like case opened, amirite?

#27 “Make Me!”

Image source: Steven Ellet

WindySwedeI can *Azure* you, this is not purple…!

#28 Marketing At Its Finest

Image source: Barbie Colorado

Will CableSo are the cucumbers in the ‘singles’ aisle

#29 Might Contain Traces Of Bitterness And Resentment

Image source: Nick Angelatos

ShoShie: And a five dollar fine for whining…

#30 A Scientific Innovation, If Ever There Was One

Image source: Laureen Sharpe

Stephanie Did It: For really big ears

#31 He’s Out Ploughing The Field And Raising A Barn–What Did You Do Today?

Image source: Joy Linda

Norman BeattieYep, that be farming !

#32 Forget The Ladies And Cupcakes, Check Out That Pink Sasquatch!

Image source: Dave Furney


#33 Don’t Wanna Rub You The Wrong Way

Image source: Albert J K III

Will CableI so want him to show up there, that would be fun.

#34 Bad Things Will Happen To Good People!

Image source: Marisa Jenkins

WindySwedeAt your own risk, so same as for all cats? 😅🐾

#35 “Probably Because Unless He’s Actually Dying He’ll Go To Work”

Image source: Steven Goldman

#36 What’s This One Supposed To Mean? Oh…

Image source: Kai Janshon

UndercoverVegan dildos 😁

#37 Meanwhile, In A Parallel Universe

Image source: Christopher D Lampkin

#38 You Don’t Have To Tell Me Twice

Image source: Emily Horchler

skildudeIs this a warning sign for Alligator pedophiles

#39 Geography Was Never My Strong Suit

Image source: Pauline Vaughn

Elizabeth BrownI am sorry but it must be done. *nice*

#40 Did You Notice That It Doesn’t Say Do Your 9 To 5?

Image source: Jeremy Sandstol

Moxitron Jazz: so many lives ruined by smoking mops…

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