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20+ Times Restaurants Tried Way Too Hard To Impress Their Customers

Published 2 years ago

#11 Oh Brilliant, Just Serve My Cocktail In An Umbrella

Image source: Vick160

#12 Potted Bread

Image source: graciegoo007

#13 Eggs In Egg Carton

Image source: CleaSR

#14 Breakfast On A Tray. Am I In Jail?

Image source: jakeisdigital

#15 Just Saw This On Instagram… Send Help

Image source: rosieisred

#16 I’m A Simple Man. I See An Injection, I Take My Pants Off. Why Am I Being Kicked Out?

Image source: soupykaur

#17 The Tree Of… Pizza?

Image source: theMortytoyourRick

#18 Steak And Mashed Potatoes In A Martini Glass

Image source: printablewisdom1

#19 Why Wouldn’t I Want To Eat Caviar Off A Wooden Hand??

Image source: Tyrus31

#20 Fish Goo Smeared On A Floor Tile

Image source: libralisa26

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