30 Science Diagrams That Are Too Funny Not To Share

Published 4 years ago

When you think about science, you probably imagine a bunch of smart guys in white coats solving complicated equations or mixing various chemicals to create the cure for cancer. And while that may be the case most of the time, one Facebook group out there is proving that science isn’t always as ‘sciency’ as you would think.

The group in question is called Science diagrams that look like sh*tposts and its members regularly share all sorts of funny and ridiculous science diagrams they manage to come across. From bizarre family trees to microscopic snowmen, check a collection of the most hilarious science diagrams in the gallery below!

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Image source: Javier Martínez‎


Image source: Tim Brade


Image source: Troy Chambers‎


Image source: Zick Soh‎


Image source: Fiki Towfiq


Image source: Sam Remnant‎


Image source: Tobin Hale


Image source: Eymen Üçışık-Keser‎


Image source: Asif Mohammed


Image source: Francisco Salgado Suarez


Image source: Mike Moore


Image source: Justus Bradshaw‎


Image source: Josepha Philippa‎


Image source: Eva Murphy


Image source: Amanda Church


Image source: Marina Klemm


Image source: Pedro Waffle Fajardo


Image source: Clancy Xanecrest‎


Image source:  Michaela Nocke


Image source: Eoin Maloney


Image source: Noah Adams‎


Image source: Tom Chalmers


Image source: Sophie Barimo‎


Image source: Jón Ragnarsson


Image source: Jade Watson


Image source: Zick Soh‎


Image source: Sarah Deuel Baldwin


Image source: Kyle Burnett‎


Image source: Mark Ordonio‎


Image source: Sarah Kashdan‎

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