30 Times People Spotted Terrible Stair Designs And Just Had To Share (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Designing a set of stairs seems like a pretty easy task – you just keep adding steps until you reach the desired height… right? Well, turns out it’s a little more difficult than in it may sound at first. And a poorly designed staircase can actually be pretty dangerous.

Today we have prepared you a collection of staircases that look like they’ve been designed by Satan himself, and they range from ridiculous to outright life-threatening. Check them out in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous post here!

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#1 Not A Paradox, Just A Normal Russian Architecture

#2 The Perfect Building To Have Stairs In Front Of

Image source: ROPISUS

#3 They Built This School Like One Month Ago

Image source: WifideRouter

#4 These Are Stairs In My Town. Just How?

Image source: kprincess

#5 No Broken Legs I Know Of

Image source: slepsteRwasTaken

#6 This Is Russia

Image source: sergeserge

#7 That’s How I Broke My Leg

Image source: Dis-Man-8

#8 These Stairs In My In-Laws’ Summerhouse. We Have Parties Here So Going Down These Stairs Drunk Is A Challenge

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Steps That You Can’t See

Image source: Paarnahkrin

#10 Access For Wheelchairs On These Stairs

Image source: CptnTryhard

#11 I Think My Stairs Fit Here

Image source: IsItKandar

#12 Imagine Being Drunk

Image source: M3strefi

#13 Got An Unsatisfying Feeling When Walking Downstairs And The Last Step Was Not There

Image source: antglin

#14 This Staircase

Image source: jayapuraupdate

#15 I Saw This At My School

Image source: Frezzi54

#16 The “Extra” Two Inches Of Concrete At The Top Of My Stairs. We Call It “The Tripper”

Image source: DesertVol

#17 Stairway To Heaven

Image source: JohanCruijfff

#18 All The Privacy You Need

Image source: cciva

#19 I Present To You Jeans Stairs Or Jairs

Image source: Mr_PoodlePants

#20 Found This Beauty At My Local College

Image source: GelatinSkeleton3

#21 You Have To Go Up The Stairs, And Then Down The Stairs To Get To The Door

Image source: ScorpionPC

#22 Stairs From The Top

Image source: reddit.com

#23 I Can See Why Someone Wanted To Fix This

Image source: Centella111

#24 Stairway To Heaven

Image source: spookydaddio

#25 Escalator/Stairs Combo

Image source: Thund3rl1ps

#26 This Fuzzy Staircase

Image source: analogHedgeHog

#27 Don’t Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through

Image source: mediagarden

#28 When I Tripped On The Stairs I Cut My Arm On These Things, And Continued To Fall Down The Stairs (I’m The 5th Victim This Week)

Image source: JeffKaplanFromOW

#29 Just A Staircase In St. Petersburg

Image source: Hellerick

#30 The Longer You Stair, The Worse It Gets

Image source: GoGators2

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