40 Funny Memes To Help Cope With Corporate Stress

Published 1 month ago

We all have our moments when we want to vent about our frustrations dealing with a job. The 9 to 5 hustle can be a dreary drag when you have to do it day after day. Even if you love your job there are some days, you just want to take a break from the corporate politics, jokes and general schmoozing. 

When you feel so demotivated that you can’t seem to focus, a collection of relatable work memes may be just the right fix you need to boost your mood. Scroll below for some of our favourite posts found on the Surfing Corporate Instagram account which we hope brighten up your work daze just as it did ours. 

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Blue Morpho Butterfly: now THIS is what all workplaces should be like! 🙌🙌


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Tucker Cahooter: Or better still, be the person who cancels them


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UncleJohn3000: “I don’t remember! I’ve slept since then!”


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Annik Perrot: À year!


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M O’Connell: They will all remember, for Patricia was full of s**t and the attendees nodded in silence.


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Annik Perrot: There’s always going to be one that doesn’t, too fond of the sound of their own voice.


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Pandemonium: Even better is to be born rich. Think ahead!


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Sky Render: Could try a data entry job that lets you listen to your own music. It’s pretty nice, spending all day doing mindless typing while rockin’ it out to your favorite tunes.


Image source: WorkRetireDie

Papa: For some reason that reminds me of something I saw recently; “If at first you don’t succeed, try doing it the way I told you to.”


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General Anaesthesia (edited): Then you post the answer and less than ten seconds later the rest pile on with their “but, but ,butts”.


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Sofia: basically do it wrong althought you know is wrong so nobody can blame you for being wrong


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Mimi La Souris: I’m pretty optimistic about this. Over time, diversity will climb the pyramid. At my job, all the directors were white men. Now it’s almost 50% men 50% women and 4 different ethnic groups. Dinosaurs are disappearing (even if some survive and take pretty colorful feathers), young people are making a difference because they do not let themselves be pushed around like my generation.


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Mike m: Upper management makes one decision, goes home at 10am and is at the beach by 11. Meanwhile you’re working until 9pm and still can’t get caught up and you make 1/10th their salary if you’re lucky.


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Jill Rhodry: (edited) Yas – my ‘how’s it going week’ soulmate! Mondays = horrid, but you know it’s going to be horrid so you’re prepared – Wednesday = humpday, not bad; Thursday = nearly Friday, we’re getting there; FRIYAY! So Tuesdays = it’s already been a long week and it’s only Tuesday, absolutely horrific 😨


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That Person: This


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Dawn Chan: what? only 27? Amateur. I have 50+


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_-DungeonKeeper-_: You could also say “no good” which is also true


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