Sushi Suitcase Covers Turn Airport Luggage Checkout Into A Giant Sushi Restaurant

Published 9 years ago

Tired of the same old boring luggage? Why not turn it into sushi? You’re in luck, since Japanese company Parco is releasing a new line of sushi baggage covers. Made of nylon, they fit over a suitcase (provided it’s not too big) and turns it into one of three new flavors. The three flavors on offer this year are taco (octopus), ikura (salmon roe), and saba (mackerel). The covers have been available since June 5th at the Parco department stores in Shibuya and Fukuoka, as well as at Narita International Airport.

The additional joke here is that, with enough covered suitcases, the airport luggage claiming area looks like a sushi conveyor. And there are many sushi restaurants in Japan that deliver food via conveyor belt. Those places are really neat: you don’t need to order, the food reaches your table by itself, and the bill is counted by tallying the number of sushi plates on your table.

I’m saying that I miss Japan.

More info: (h/t: laughingsquid)

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Airport sushi go round with last year’s covers:

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