25 Witty Tombstones That Are Laughing In The Face Of Death

Published 10 months ago

Tombstones typically serve as solemn markers of final resting places, etched with names, dates, and heartfelt epitaphs. However, some individuals have chosen to leave behind a legacy that reflects their unique sense of humor even in death. These witty and unconventional tombstones stand out in cemeteries, bringing a smile to the faces of visitors.

Let’s explore some tombstones from around the world that showcase an amazing sense of humor, reminding us that even in the most somber of moments, laughter can be a powerful and enduring tribute.

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#1 I Told You I Was Sick

Image source: Patrick Kelly

#2 I Have Nothing Further To Say

Image source: mimielantra

#3 Things That Make Ya Go… Hmm

Image source: Josie Petrovich

two-sided llama : “what pervert stole his nuts”

#4 Adams To Atoms

Image source: rakka3187

I heart Boo-BI-es : “Being a Veteran and a bit of a science geek this makes me smile 🤓”

Nimitz : “It takes an insane amount of courage for a person born in 1915 to have been Atheist. As a person who also believes there’s no such thing as magic, I salute you!”

#5 Everything About This Tombstone

Image source: champagnewishesandrvdreams.com

Warpath81 : “She never saw it coming”

#6 Gabe Salutes You

Image source: Dustin Oliver

Pandamonium : “Unless he took the highway to hell….”

#7 Let ‘Er Rip

Image source: Pat David

Maarten VP : “RIP Leslie Nielsen, god of oneliners”

glowworm2 : “He loved fart jokes. He carried around a fart machine wherever he went.”

#8 Have A Seat

Image source: Thomas Dwyer

two-sided llama : “his grave or his dead body.”

#9 Nobody’s Perfect

Image source: Dormant Braincell Research Project

Donnie Mc00 : ” the infamous last line from his film “some like it hot”.”

#10 Pet Cemetery

Image source: ANdeePanda

Mad Dragon : “Woodstock gave his owners 17 years of love!”

Gen X Feral : “No one warned me there’d be pet headstones 😭”

#11 Went In The Hole With This One

Nora Cook : “Mantas is funny looking”

#12 She’s Surely Going To Hell

Image source: Taed Wynnell

Norman Beattie : “I think he is still pissed off !”

#13 Found In Biddeford, Maine

Image source: delicateflowerdammit

Sebastian J. : “She seems like a fighter, who had a good life and was able to look back at the challenges she overcame. At any rate I hope this was the case.”

#14 Do Not Enter

two-sided llama : “* enters*”

#15 The Headstone Of A Lone Texan Liberal

Image source: forty_two

SheDeM : “RIP oh brave wise one”

laura lee : “Hey! There’s a lot of us, unfortunately our districts are gerrymandered all to hell.”

#16 Sucks To Be Me

Analyn Lahr : “Considering the current state of affairs, I’d say you got lucky.”

#17 Honestly, The Best Tombstone I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: Teklogikal

The Original Bruno : “Even creepier if you are.”

#18 Grave Of An Unknown Man Who Died Eating Library Paste. Goldfield Nevada Pioneer Cemetery

Image source: RukaFawkes

#19 Saw This Beauty At The Los Angeles Pet Cemetery

Image source: Robotnick

#20 Oh Well

#21 This Tombstone On A Beach Graveyard

Image source: kdbc1234556

#22 Mom’s Recipe For Sugar Cookies

Image source: Jane Menster

#23 Genealogists Never Really Die

#24 This Is My Favorite Gravestone In The Cemetery I Mow. I Am Amused Easily

Image source: Tswis77r

#25 Epic Epitaph

Image source: metalsgt90

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