20 Funny And Unusual Signs Spotted In Public

Published 1 year ago

Signboards are used in public to let everyone know the rules or to give guidance etc., but what about those weirdly specific signs with a tinge of passive-aggressiveness attached to it? When we come across something that is rather unusual, our brains automatically try to make sense of it to ascertain the reason for such an occurrence.  

The following signs were all spotted in public and documented so that we could all ponder at the back-story that led to such a sign needing to exist in the first place. So scroll below for a look and feel free to comment your theories in the allocated sections. 

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#1 Hikers Are Warned

Image source: Imfloridaman

#2 Interesting

Image source: ForestFletcher

#3 Yes The Deer Are The Danger

Image source: todellagi

#4 I Wonder

Image source: L3nb0

#5 Don’t Feed The Wildlife

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Huh

Image source: andioopsydaisy

#7 I Wonder Who Tried To Milk Their Cat

Image source: Wrong_Influence

#8 Toilet But!

Image source: literaryburrito

#9 Who Has Pet Bears

Image source: IAmTheBiggestCheese

#10 I’m Pretty Sure This Is Like A Fish Tank Or Smth… ? I Just Don’t Understand Why A Sign Would Be Needed, Have Ppl Been Stirring This Fish Tank For Fun?

Image source: chocobabie_

#11 The Sign Is The Story

Image source: Imfloridaman

#12 Very Spooky

Image source: verywack

#13 Tent Poles

Image source: create_content

#14 Don’t Touch The Mug

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Uhhhh

Image source: panaxity

#16 How Many Times I Wonder?

Image source: skijeng

#17 Saw This In A Restroom Today And Thought That It Belonged Here

Image source: TheSouthCarolinians

#18 My Gym Is Trying To Catch A Phantom Pisser

Image source: 4_tha_ents

#19 Let’s Be Honest, You Would

Image source: SirApatosaurus

#20 1. I Have No Idea Where This Is, And 2. I Want To Be There Immediately

Image source: reddit.com

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