35 Of The Most Unusual And Hilarious Warning Signs Shared In This Facebook Group

Published 5 months ago

In the vast and sometimes peculiar landscape of social media, there exists a hidden gem known as the “Funny Warning Signs” Facebook group. This dedicated community has emerged as a hub for laughter, where members share and create amusing interpretations of cautionary signage from around the world.

From the absurdly literal to the downright ridiculous, this group turns mundane warnings into sources of endless amusement. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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Image source: Becky Lynn Fee

Stevie S : “Encore jellyfish…encore”

ShyWahine : “Go Jelly Fish! Bravo! Magnifico! Stupendo!”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Mister E : “Would be good to put above my cat’s litterbox”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Lyone Fein : “Fair enough”


Image source: Matthew Kober

RU Sirius : “never new? Sooner or ladder you will now”


Image source: Matthew Kober

sbj : “Nice to see after whatever happened they still have a GSOH”

TheGoodBoi : “Sorry. I just thought a drive-thru would be more convenient :(“


Image source: T.j. Drudi

K- THULU : “The scrolling dead….”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Lotekguy : “When the cow came nowhere near to jumping over the moon.”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Francisco Scaramanga : “The work of a master”


Image source: Matthew Kober

sbj : “For once, this method of troubleshooting won’t help at all”


Image source: Hyatt Earp

NapQueen : “But I’m sure there wouldn’t be anything better than watching beautiful human beings whilst having a purring cat on your lap…..can’t believe I just said that!”

Andy C : “Wouldn’t mind a pussy on my lap”


Image source: Matthew Kober

I’m a Jimmy : “Would be better with an Oxford comma.”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Stevie S : “Squeal, piggy, squeal”


Image source: Matthew Kober

I’ll have a treble thanks. : “Should be higher”

Vada : “Unfortunately, the apple will probably not keep the doctor away if you throw it at the wrong person who needs anger management classes”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Mohsie Supposie : “My life motto!”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Clive : “And that’s how we lost your mother, son”


Image source: Roy Jewkes

Peppermallow : “Yeah, That makes the stress worse”

Lotekguy : “Enter the zone and get the stress for free! What a bargain!”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Lyone Fein : “My kind of place!”

Papa : “When we’d go out to eat with my father he’d often want to stop at DQ for ice cream on the way home. He said there’s always room for ice cream, because it just fills in the cracks.”


Image source: Customikes

sbj : “I’d better turn back now”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “Or bungee jumping.”


Image source: Funny Warning Signs

NapQueen : “So THAT’S where I’m going wrong.”

Rizzo : “How does the child gets clean then? I’m asking for a friend. ;)”


Image source: Ramone Longmore

Helen Rohrlach : “Some cucumbers have more common sense.”


Image source: Matthew Kober

BoredPossum : “Finally design that make sense.”


Image source: Matthew Kober


Image source: Joe Marcellino


Image source: Matthew Kober


Image source: Matthew Kober


Image source: Todd Wilbur

When you realize the best police cars in America are in Sandwich, Illinois


Image source: Roy Jewkes

Pilla Lonn : “Same… 🙄”

Lydsylou (she/her) : “I was on a bus and it was dark outside. Halfway through the journey the driver stopped the bus and got out. When he came back he informed us that he’d been diverted and ‘dont panic but I have no idea where I am. My headlights are really dim and I’m new to this area, I’ve never been this route before. My sat nav is broken but my boss told me to do it anyway. If anyone knows the route for the x bus that I’ve been diverted to please can you come to the front to help with directions'”


Image source: Matthew Kober


Image source: Matthew Kober

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “Has anyone told Mike?”


Image source: Matthew Kober

Lotekguy : “Best way to learn THAT lesson.”


Image source: Marcel de Peijper

Lotekguy : “Not a binding contract.”


Image source: Anthony Mags

sbj : “HaHa! That’s a long time”


Image source: Matthew Kober


Image source: Roy Jewkes

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