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20 Times People Spotted Such Bad Home Designs, They Just Had To Share On This FB Group

Published 4 months ago

The world of interior design and construction is a realm of endless possibilities, where creativity meets functionality to create stunning living spaces. However, not all projects are successful, and sometimes, things can go hilariously wrong.

A Facebook page called You Should Have Hired an Architect is dedicated to sharing design and construction fails. Check out some of their posts that provide amusement and cautionary tales for both professionals and enthusiasts.

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#1 Maybe It’s Just Supposed To Be “Art”?

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#2 No Words

Image source: Ken Alder

#3 Failing At Tetris

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#4 We Made A Trip To Bad Schandau, Germany. The Roof Is Just Awesome!

Image source: Vanessa Groot

#5 Someone Really Loves Mantles

Image source: Garet Donohoo

#6 Whe You’re A Structural Engineer, But Your Side Hustle Is Being A Magician…

Image source: Jeff Evangelist

#7 No Notes

Image source: Daniel L. Weyant

#8 I Don’t Understand How This Happens. I Think The Fireplace Is Trying To Run Away

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#9 You Should Have Hired An Architect

Image source: Joe Lyon Jr

#10 I’ll Take Awkward Tub Placements For 300 Please, Alex

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#11 Sure, Why Not

Image source: JustSadd

#12 Safety First! No-One Falls Off Our Balconies! Although We Have Lost A Few Tenants Who Were Trying To Get From Their Windows To The Balconies. Building Codes And Architectural Plans Are For Sissies!!!

Image source: Doug Stone

#13 Send Help

Image source: Katrina Whatley

#14 You Should Have Hired An Architect

Image source: Stuart France

#15 You Should Have Hired Anyone That Understands Gravity

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#16 Architects Looking At Bad Architecture…

Image source: Nikki Galea

#17 You Should Have Hired An Architect

Image source: Heather Brown

#18 You Should Have Hired An Architect

Image source: Ari Dmstn

#19 Found On Linkedin With A Caption That Roughly Translate To “Open Staircase Custom Made For A Client. Classy And Stark In Its Simple Design.” I Mean…

Image source: Laura Gavinelli

#20 I Mean, What Could Go Wrong?

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

Saumya Ratan

From captivating stories to awe-inspiring creations, Saumya has a knack for unearthing hidden treasures online. A delightful explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming, she loves to share her discoveries with people around the globe.

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