Generation Z: Net Surfing, Vaping and 40 Is the New 20

Published 8 years ago

Generations come and go. Along the way, society sums up the common characteristics of its youngest members and gives their group a name. Today we like to call the group of our youngest Earth citizens by the name “Generation Z.” You may ask, ”what sets this generation apart from its ancestors?”

The youngest members of humanity have access to lots of information. They were born after the invention of the internet and don’t know life without it. Immersed in iphones and iclouds, this generation is also referred to as iGeneration.

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Z kids don’t need to bother moms and dads with their questions. They have touchscreen smartphones at their fingertips; Google provides them access to all known answers on Earth.

In Z world, televisions are obsolete. Passive viewership has made way for active online participation. Our youngest members of society receive their street-smarts via the information highway.

Online video gaming trains our Z gamers in team interaction and problem solving. Similarly, communicating with international participants gives this generation a lead in communication skills as well as tolerance of differences.

Generation Z grew up in the aftermath of the Great Recession, 9/11 and the subsequent worldwide wave of terrorist attacks. Z teens are already hyper-aware of adult problems, mortality and the endless risks involved in living. For that reason, our youngest generation prefers to live life away from the edge, preferably with a seatbelt buckled.

Our youth is accustomed to a health-oriented world. Beginning in the developed countries and spilling over into all other corners, healthful replacements are kicking out damaging habits worldwide. Frozen yogurt is the new ice cream. Vaping is the new smoking. Every bad habit gains a more healthful counterpart.

Generation Z lives and breathes the vilification of the tobacco industry. U.S. states began successfully suing the tobacco industry in the mid-90s. Restaurants widely implement smoking bans. The leader of the free world signed the ”sweeping anti-smoking” bill.

The fight against nicotine ensued. First smokers chewed gum. Now they vape to get their fix without the tobacco damage. Subsequently, Generation Z is the first youth to grow up during a drop in smoking rates.

The smoking habit among adults over 18 has been gradually decreasing since 1997, coinciding with the birth of the first Gen Z babies. The steepest decline commenced at The Dawn of Vaping beginning in 2004.

Smokers can take up vaping to kick their nicotine addiction. Using gadgets such as the Vype E Tank , vapers can control the amount of nicotine they inhale and slowly reduce the habit all the way to zero. Growing up among adults who choose an e cigarette over a Marlboro, Generation Z includes fewer smokers than the previous generations.

With all the healthful lifestyle changes occurring, our youngest Earthlings are accustomed to a new addiction: youth. At first, 30 was the new 20. Ever since orange is the new black, 40 is the new 20. Now it seems that 80 is the new 60. Point blank, Generation Z is growing up in the face of agelessness.

Thanks to argan oil, chemical peels, non-invasive facelifts, fillers, botox, and photoshop, Generation Z’s grandmas now pass as moms. So our Gen Z citizens have to meet higher standards, superhuman standards.

Our youngest friends grow up in a world where humans have to defy time, gravity, and all other laws of physics. Enter photoshop. Insert thigh gap. Check. Erase any hint of floating ribs for the ultimate hourglass shape. Check. Add curves of epic proportions. Check.

Generation Z knows all too well that today’s photos can’t be taken at face value. For previous generations, pictures told a thousand words. For Generation Z, pictures tell a thousand lies.

Did man walk on the moon? Generations X and Y: “Of course, they captured it on video.” Generation Z: “Hm, that footage could have been doctored.”

To sum it all up, Generation Z is wise beyond its years. Thanks to the internet and google, these kids have an unquenchable thirst for answers. While the world wide web exposes them to the adult reality from a very young age, they mature quickly. Online interactive media and video games keep them close to home. They have replaced rebellious risk-taking with joy rides via the internet. An uncertain world has created cautious children. This might be the first generation since the dawn of the tobacco industry which will choose an ecig over a cigarette. After all, they will have to make 40 look like the new 20.

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