35 Kids Who Surprised Their Parents With ‘Genius’ Solutions

Published 6 months ago

As kids, we believed that anything was possible and that our imaginations were the limit. Of course, this was before we went through the conditioning of life, and started to set limitations on ourselves. 

But when a child’s creativity is allowed free-reign what kids can achieve is pretty mind-blowing according to the examples below. Scroll to check out some of the cleverest solutions to problems that kids have come up with that are not only surprising but incredibly impressive. 

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#1 Light Grease

Image source: edoloughlin

#2 29 Rulers Being Held Up By 1. If You Remove Any Of Them Then It All Comes Down

Image source: YoungTurtle43

Robertas Lisickis: Oh, so this is the fabled Johnny who has 29 rulers in that one math equation!

#3 I Told My Son To Hang Up His Clothes And He Did This

Image source: Lisa Harrison

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : Task failed successfully. They are indeed suspended in the air.

#4 When You Are A Smart Kid

Image source: hexa96, mr_feelings

EmiTheEpic: I remember doing this as a kid with the letter H when we had to write the alphabet over and over again for a lesson once. The teacher caught on quickly to what I was doing lol

#5 IQ 10000000

Image source: Rapid201

Korean Boi: thats honestly really smart

#6 This DIY Selfie Stick

Image source: chongas

R L: Out of the box thinking- making do with what’s available.

#7 Quinn Answered A Request From The Local Hospitals For Help With Creating More “Ear Guards” To Help Take The Pressure Off Healthcare Workers’ Ears From Wearing Masks All Day

Image source: hebby2u

He got busy on his 3D printer and has been turning out dozens of ear guards to donate. We need more volunteers to fire up their 3D printers and donate these ear guards to hospitals and medical professionals!

#8 My 7-Year-Old Son Built This For His Switch Games. I Am Impressed

Image source: Boozehead77

#9 Very Innovative

Image source: Cadmarch

Richard Campbell: All introverts need one of these

#10 My Kids Invented A Traffic Light System For Entering My Room When I’m Working. Red Means Do Not Enter, Yellow – Please Knock, And Green Means Come In

Image source: sharp_writing

#11 This Kid Is Living In 3018

Image source: reddit.com

EmiTheEpic: Well this is just bananas.

#12 The Ladder My 4-Year-Old Son Built To Steal The Leftover Halloween Candy

Image source: luckymethod

Bogdan Chelariu : He even put pillows on the floor, just in case he falls! Genius!!! :)))))

#13 My Kid, Changing The Way You Define Lazy

Image source: 4pointingnorth

NinaWhat’s lazy about this? It’s inventive

#14 My Sister Eating Popcorn In My Closet With Chopsticks So That She Doesn’t Get Greasy Fingers With The Bag Open

Image source: Beyond-Shaggy

#15 This Kid On A Longboard Using A Leaf Blower To Go Fast Is Now My Personal Hero

Image source: prodiG

#16 Kid Playing Tic-Tac-Toe With Their Mail Carrier

Image source: Jasonnnp

#17 Told The Older Ones To Watch The Baby And Don’t Let Her Get In Trouble

Image source: TacoBellionaire

David (edited): I own that exact same laundry basket. I wonder how many that machine has cranked out over time. EDIT: I am chuckling at how many folks in comments staid they also have one. I guess it is a LOT more prolific than even I realized.

#18 My Kid Might Be A Genius. Now I Want One

Image source: MechaStewart

#19 Cheese Lip Balm

Image source: valeriehahn

#20 My Little Brother Wearing Gloves On His Feet When Walking In The Woods Because He Left His Shoes Inside

Image source: adodak43

David (edited): Thus began the legend of the five toed giant chicken man thing. Some locals say they have seen tracks. One or two even claim they caught a brief glimpse of it between the trees. /S EDIT: Okay – “/J” for joking. or ?JFI for just fun imagination.

#21 This Kid Is A Genius. Someone’s Brother Made A Hammock And Has Been Watching TV Like This

Image source: tom_galland

#22 My 13-Year-Old Will Do Literally Anything To Avoid Washing Dishes

Image source: NikNieblas

Siobhan Gournay: Anyone else get the ick when they think of putting foil in their mouths?!!

#23 Today One Of My 4th Grade Students Renamed Himself “Reconecting” On Our Zoom Call And Pretended That He Was Having Internet Issues To Avoid Participating In Our Lesson

Image source: reddericks

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : If only he knew how to spell!

#24 I Came Downstairs To Find Out That My Kid Had Made Herself A Movie Theater For Her Phone

Image source: thingsihaveseen

NapQueen: I still can’t get over the fact that CHILDREN actually have mobile phones.

#25 Yesterday While My Son Was Helping His Grandfather In The Garden, The Tire Of The Wheelbarrow Literally Exploded. So Today My Son Invented An Airless Tire. It Works

Image source: rdrimmel

#26 My Son (4) Apparently Peeled The Label Off Of His Water Bottle, Wrapped It Over His Eyes, And Fell Asleep Like This

Image source: there-better-be-cake

Roxie Carter (edited): The Hulk is like DO NOT WAKE HIM 😂

#27 I Dislocated My Right Shoulder And This Was My Daughter’s Solution To My Morning Coffee

Image source: trashcantoddler

#28 Smart Kid On The Train

Image source: Mute_Kid

Šimon Špaček: It is not as smart as it looks. First of all, if the buckle fails, kid falls. Second, if the train stops quickly, that kid will meet the pole quickly.

#29 Kitty Is In Jail. My Son Put These Cups Around Her, And She Hasn’t Moved For 20 Minutes

Image source: ayarton

#30 My 12-Year-Old Son Modified His Bike With Carpet For Barefoot Riding

Image source: flaglerite

Tux Cat Momma: A friend of mine was barefoot riding and during a small collision with a pothole she ended up losing her left big toe to the front tire spokes. So, please always wear shoes when biking!

#31 It Took Me A Minute To Comprehend That My 5-Year-Old Had Invented A New Hands-Free iPad Technology

Image source: MerryAntoinette

#32 My Son Made Freddy With His Spare Parts And Yes, The Jaw Opens And Closes. I Am Beyond Impressed

Image source: reddit.com

Mr Red : Even is the son is 27 years old it is still cool

#33 Saw This Kid Chilling At Costco Today

Image source: awwyeahgetit

David : I think there are certain things and songs every generation “reinvents”. We did this in the 60s and thought we were being smart. I’m guessing someone older back then saw us and thought, “We used to do that when I was younger”. :)

#34 Some Kid Hid Behind A Bookshelf And Fell Asleep During The Video In My Personal Finance Class

Image source: reddit.com

#35 My Daughter Made A Wallet Chain Out Of Can Tabs

Image source: Formal_Librarian4401

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