Men Are Sharing The Things They Enjoy That Society Considers “Girly” (30 Posts)

Published 3 years ago

Despite living in the 21st century, a lot of people still find the need to categorize things into “manly” or “girly”. But here’s the thing – everyone should feel free to enjoy whatever they please without having to worry what other people think. And the more we talk about it, the sooner will learn to accept it.

A little while ago, Reddit user schright_dwute asked men to share some things that they enjoy despite them being considered “girly”, and received numerous eye-opening answers. From ballet to shaving their legs, read some of the “feminine” things enjoyed by males in the gallery below!

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Image source: GeneralStoic

Ballet. I’ve always liked the look of ballet dancing, and when I was 20, after I got into amateur theatre, I started training in ballet. I’ve been very fit most of my life, I played football for 10 years, won athletics at school and I cycled everyday. Out of all the fitness training I have done over the years, Ballet is by the far the most difficult “fitness training” I have ever done, and a hell of a lot more fun than anything else.


Image source: BlursedSV23769

Crying and showing strong emotion is not something I like but everyone always says “boys don’t cry” and I’m sick of that.


Image source: TheHunterZolomon

I sleep with stuffed animals. I’m a grown man. I do not care.


I haven’t seen this yet, so… color. I feel like society wants me to to just wear black/grey/white/navy blue, and it’s stupid. I have a pair of pink jeans that i love!!

Image source: the_potato278


Image source: Etlas

My wife bought me flowers today. I love it.


Image source: TealGame

Sitting down while peeing. Much more comfortable, I dont have to worry about aim, if I get the urge to poop im already ready.


Makeup. My skin isn’t the best and I have a few acne scars that I don’t love, so one time I borrowed some concealer from my sister who’s the same skin tone as me and put it on. It was amazing, I couldn’t tell I had it on at all, and it worked like a magic eraser for all my blemishes.

I don’t use it all the time, but it does make me feel better if I have some on before going out sometimes. And no one ever expects it cause I’m a fairly manly looking brown dude with a pretty big beard. Little do they know I go home and wipe my makeup off while watching New Girl.

Image source: MarvelousNCK


Image source: Sekret_One

I do enjoy tea parties with little cookies.


Image source: MasteringTheFlames

I’m a guy with hair down to the bottom of my shoulder blades. One evening, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends when one of them decided she wanted to braid my hair. Oh my God did it feel amazing! I love the feeling of someone else playing with my hair.


Image source: itchyyanklee

Sewing and designing clothing. I’m not talking about screen printing cringe phrases on bulk purchased shirts I mean full on outfits and garments.


Some women’s bodywash/soaps/lotions. The men’s stuff just smell like overaggressive nose-destroyers. The fact that these products are marketed to two different sexes doesn’t even make sense…

Image source: NutWithinANut


Image source: eric_3196

Pina coladas. Honestly any fruity drink. Got me f***ed up if you think I’m not gonna enjoy every sip of a drink I’m paying for


Image source: 93WhiteStrat

My purse. Okay, it’s a brown leather bag, like a mini messenger bag, but seriously–it’s my purse. I carry my phone, my keys, a little cash, a couple masks, some floss, hand sanitizer, a pen, a couple guitar picks–you know, purse stuff. My wife loves it–it’s been years since I’ve asked her to shove my junk in her purse.


Image source: EpikTin

Skincare! Using basic toner, moisturizer, and sun screen. It has long been considered ‘girly’ to do these but it leads to interesting conversations with girls! Also it feels good to have a routine before bed and taking care of my skin!


Shaved legs.

Image source: Sventington


Image source: TurdsforNipples

I accidentally bought women’s shower gel once and now use nothing else. It just smells so much better.


Image source: FellUnwell

Being the little spoon, crying, being spoiled


Image source: redskynot

Candles. Nothing beats a pleasant smelling room!


My grown, six foot tall, bearded, taekwondo grand champion brother likes My Little Pony. Not in a weird way, either, he just really enjoys the art and plotlines. He draws ponies and he actually met his girlfriend through a fan club. They draw ponies together and they’re both pretty dang good at it.

Image source: reejoy247


When I am depressed, I just listen to sad songs and cry instead of drinking or keeping everything bottled up inside. Also, deodorants designed for women.

Image source: ChuChuChewbaka


Image source: 000003eyes

Crocheting. It’s very relaxing and you create useful things. But almost every pattern I find is some kind of female clothing or accessory. There are pet toys but those are the only exceptions.


Image source: blithetorrent

Getting asked out.


Image source: CringeOverseer

Watch romance comedies, some of them are funny, relaxing, and generally good movies.


Image source: Ibz89

Manicures. I’ve only had it done twice but man it was so relaxing. Just having a moment of peace to myself not to mention the way my hands felt afterwards worth every penny.


Image source: itsnotimportant2021

Fresh flowers. I love lilies.


Image source: usernamemc0989

I love strawberry daiquiris.


Image source: checksbio

Hugging your friends could be nice


Image source: Halt_127

Strawberry Açaí Lemonade from Starbucks. That stuff is so good but you have to deal with all the comments on your fruity pink drink.


Image source: ShiplapTravertine



A nice, hot, relaxing bath every once in a while. And a quality massage at a spa.

Image source: fotofiend

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