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Artist Imagines Government Run By Women And If It Treated Men Like It Treats Women (10 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

LA-based artist, Katie Rose has decided to address women’s issues by a series of cartoons depicting what would happen were women the majority in global politics across the world.

Her work is based on a simple idea: most governments are largely run and led by men, so why is it fair that decisions regarding women’s health are left to men?

Originally on CollegeHumour, Rose’s illustrations tackle issues such as body shaming, sexual health, sexism, and unequal priced pharmaceuticals. By using the caption “I care about men, I have a husband and son. My father was a man” she also tackles empty rhetoric espoused by certain politicians when it comes to addressing women’s issues.

With their dark undertones, Rose’s humorous drawings should act as a gateway into gender inequality, especially in this time of increasing political uncertainty.

More info: twitter (h/t)

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