20 People Across The World Are Sharing How Much Their Groceries Cost Them

Published 2 years ago

Inflation is increasing day by day and many people are now concerned about basic necessities like housing and food. Be it real estate or grocery prices, everything has skyrocketed so much that people are worried about the ongoing crisis.

Many people are even trying to modify their diets and switching to cheaper food alternatives to save some money from grocery shopping. Some folks on Reddit have shared photos of their grocery shopping and showed how much it costs to buy basic things in their countries. Scroll below to see some of those pics.

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#1 What $67 Of Groceries Looks Like From A Discount Grocery In One Of The Poorest Towns In Texas

Image source: BenedictCumberdoots

#2 $4.45 Worth Of Produce In Argentina (Currency Crashed Again Today)

Image source: simulation_goer

#3 $35 Worth Of Groceries In Brazil!

Image source: _Flutter_

#4 Recently Moved From The USA: Here’s €29.00 ($30.25) Of Budget Groceries In Munich, Germany

Image source: pressureshack

#5 Since We’re Still Doing This…$37 Of Groceries June 2022 . San Francisco, Ca

Image source: cbmore

#6 $64 Worth Of Groceries In New York

Image source: PutAPaperClipOnIt

#7 $69 Of Groceries In Canada

Image source: stefans03

#8 $140.33 Of Groceries For 5 Dinners, 7+ Breakfasts, Snacks For A Family Of 4 In Georgia, USA

Image source: jane3ry3

#9 Hey, Why Not… This Is A Purchase Of About $20 Of Groceries In Venezuela

Image source: AlexDKZ

#10 This Is What £80 Worth Of Groceries Looks Like In London

Image source: Slifer967

#11 This Is $100 Worth Of Groceries In The South Suburbs Of Chicago

Image source: KuniIse

#12 This Is $70 Worth Of Groceries In The Most Expensive City In The USA

Image source: IMovedYourCheese

#13 £20 (~$25) Of Groceries In London, UK

Image source: smnrn

#14 $40 Worth Of Groceries In 2022. Washington, Dc

Image source: meshuggahdaddy

#15 $73 Of Groceries In LA, Ca. Shopping Bargain Only, Splurged On The Meats For Bday

Image source: reservation2fwm

#16 This Is $70 Worth Of Groceries When You Just Buy Random, Non Essential Items And Live In The Midwest

Image source: Haru_Is_Best_Girl

#17 $200 Of No Holds Barred Groceries, Portland Or

Image source: listlesschortles

#18 $70 Worth Of Groceries In Adelaide, South Australia

Image source: theallsayer

#19 $90 Worth Of Groceries In A Low Cost Of Living Area (Nw Ohio)

Image source: moneybagsukulele

#20 $91 Worth Of Groceries In Wisconsin

Image source: enderr920

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