25 Weird Grocery Items That Make No Sense, According To Netizens

Published 4 months ago

Grocery shopping gives you access to a variety of goodies in an explorable setting that is convenient and fun. The aisle layouts allow you to get a good look at everything available. You can take your time to balance costs, necessities and want before arriving at a decision. 

It also allows you to examine certain eye-catching products and dismiss them as unnecessary, wasteful or downright ridiculous, which let’s admit it, does seem to happen to all of us once in a way. Recently, one Redditor got people exposing all sorts of judgements they had made about certain products on offer for which they could see no market, rhyme or reason. The interesting responses received, however, will either have you trying to see things from another perspective going forward or doubling down on prior assessments regardless. 

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Image source: extratestresstrial, valeriob

Douches and perfumed vaginal products. Please, please do not use them!! vaginas are self-sufficient cleaning machines! scent and mucus changes are completely normal and change with hormones and menstrual cycle phases. if there is a health concern or you aren’t sure, please just visit a doctor. and for the love of god, disposable pads and tampons are iffy enough but DO NOT get scented ones! your flower does not need to SMELL like flowers lmao

#2 The dairy aisle has sticks of pre-made *butter*. Doesn’t anyone churn anymore?

Image source: ElbowSkinCellarWall, Mike Mozart

#3 Canned mackerel. I bought some to bait a trap for feral cats (for a trap, neuter, return program.) The smell is indescribably awful, except to say that it absolutely would knock a vulture off a manure wagon. Feral kitties gave it two paws up, though!

Image source: mcdulph, Needtoknow480

#4 Single shrink-wrapped potatoes.

Image source: JellyfishExtra7515, thewhitest420

#5 Two peeled Clementines in a plastic clamshell. $4.19 You can get a 3lb bag for $4, and they practically fall out of their peel.

Image source: darwal8817, @satish_kraj


Image source: MjLjMimi, PhotoMIX Company

Thinking of opening a grocery store for singles, where you can buy only the amount you actually need of a food item. A single clove of garlic, 2 scallions, 2 carrots, a cup of rice, 2 eggs, etc…. It’s crazy how much food gets thrown out because it gets funky before you can use it. Of course, this place would also have a coffee bar, serve local brews, wines & tapas & have local art and be open till 1 am….maybe some live local music…what do you think?

#7 A lot of people in this thread are not realizing that some people are disabled and simple stuff like cutting vegetables is not something they can do or do easily. Egg yolk in pourable cartons, pre-cut veggies/fruits, pre shelled hard boiled eggs, pre-seasoned meals you put in the oven-it’s not meant for you.

Image source: Traditional_Front637, Polina Tankilevitch

#8 4 cobs of corn, individually wrapped in plastic, set onto a foam tray which is also wrapped in plastic.

Image source: SixFootSnipe, HanzoShotFirst

#9 Anything with politicians’ faces, or names, on it.

Image source: Madlutian, Ben Welsh

#10 For real, sometimes I stand in the grocery store aisle like, “People actually buy this?” Top of the list has to be canned bread. Who even knew bread needed a can? It’s like they’re trying to preserve the mystery of how bread is born.

Image source: cuteeintroduce, hconfiance


Image source: pufffinn_, jnd-au

It’s worthwhile to consider that a lot of items you see in the grocery store as a useless markup for something someone could do themselves (eg, shrink wrapped potatoes, already peeled hard boiled eggs in a bag) are convenience items for people who do not have the time to cook 100% from scratch for themselves or their families, and/or they are someone with a disability and that item helps ease a burden.

I used to work in the produce section of a grocery store, and we sold these pre-chopped up vegetables. They were annoying to stock, sold out fast, and had fast expiration dates, so us employees didn’t really love those items in our department. I got to talking with a woman who was purchasing them one day though. She said they were for her elderly mother who struggles to chop vegetables up, and the already chopped vegetables allowed her to actually still make fulfilling meals the way she wanted. Working there for longer I interacted with more people buying them for the reasons stated, convenience when they don’t have time and disabilities.

Empathy goes farther than you’d think.

#12 As a transplant in Southern Appalachia I cannot get over the appalling amount of soda people will have in their carts. So. Much. Mountain Dew.

Image source: thereisstillgouda, Breakingpic

#13 Cans of “Pig brains in gravy.”

Image source: mightyatom13, msdeeds123

#14 The racks of tabloids, usually next to the checkout.

Image source: Taskforce58, Leif Harboe

#15 My nearest grocery store sells three different kinds of vibrators right on the medicine aisle. I cannot believe having the guts to go through check out with your groceries and having a supermarket vibrator next to your broccoli and potatoes

Image source: oakendurin, cregory83

#16 I used to think shredded lettuce was stupid because can’t everyone just shredded their own lettuce!? But now that I’m paralyzed on my left side after a stroke caused by a brain bleed, that shredded lettuce may come in handy for sandwiches and wraps that I always shredded lettuce for.

Image source: alm1688, SpiceGirls4eva1

#17 Canned whole-chickens. An entire chicken in a can the size of a soup can. That ain’t right

Image source: BMB281, TheWolfePit


Image source: Ouisch, freshop

I remember back in the late 1980s I’d wander the canned food aisle (I was trying to lose weight, so I’d walk to the grocery store, buy a couple of cucumbers and tomatoes and sometimes canned white chicken chunks to go along with them. Anyway I always saw these tiny cans of Potted Meat Food Product on the shelf and wondered what the heck it was. Curiosity eventually got the better of me and I bought a can (it was only about 40 cents at the time). Well, it was all you would expect and less from a 40 cent can of “meat”….looked sort of like a mushy liver-colored hockey puck, smelled like cat food. (The serving suggestion on the label showed it being spread on a cracker with a parsley sprig. Maybe the missing parsley was the reason the stuff tasted like Satan’s jockstrap when I actually tried it…)

#19 I paid $12 for watermelon juice. It just looked so good. It was. But normally I would be like, what’s wrong with that person?

Image source: draxsmon, Bruno Scramgnon

#20 $6 bag of M&M’s that look like they have 10 pcs. in them.

Image source: SardineAbuser, Mike Mozart


Image source: -WorkingOnIt-, U.S. Department of Agriculture

One day, when I was like 38, I was at the grocery store looking at these little tubs of cubed butternut squash.

I was standing there for a minute thinking, “okay. If I’m gonna have (x) tonight and (y) tomorrow, will the squash still be good the next day, or should I come back and buy it fresh the day I wanna eat it?”

The adolescent who worked in the produce department came over and stood next to me, mimicking the way I was standing until I finally looked right at him.

Then I reached for a container of squash and turned it over to look at the date. He pulled out some handheld machine and started punching numbers in, then exclaimed, “look at this!”

He talked at me for a good three minutes about how the whole butternut squash is cheaper, including showing me some calculations.

When he finally came up for air, I just said “right but I have tendinitis in my wrist so unless you’re going to come cut it for me, I can’t actually use a whole butternut squash.”

A lot of you strike me too much like that dude.

#22 S’mores kits for $10 or more. Why?? Just buy the chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows separate. It’s cheaper and you’ll get way s’more.

Image source: Shanbarra-98765, Travis Wise

#23 Canned escargot (snails) in dollar stores. I just imagine that in a venn diagram of ‘people who buy ingredients from the dollar store’ and ‘people who prepare and cook their own escargot’, there wouldn’t be a lot of overlap, no? ??‍♀️

Image source: classyrock, Denki

#24 Scented toilet paper

Image source: TinyLuna333, @anthonyshock

#25 $6.50 cent boxes of cereal when the one right next to it is on sale for $1.99 that week. Or name brand pasta.

Image source: Dirtheavy, Ian Ransley

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