Monster Boxes For Geeky Travelers

Published 9 years ago

Baggage items are troublesome enough without teeth. Yet Mellie Z out of Fine Line Leather Design makes these adorably scary mimic monster boxes! The Mimic Monster Boxes are made from a wooden base that’s then covered in leather. The smallish chests are decorated with things one doesn’t expect from inanimate items – namely, expressive eyes and pointy teeth. They can be custom-ordered and range from 3 inches to 3 feet (7 to almost 1m) wide, with 6 inches (~15cm) being the most popular size. They’re hand-made from start to finish, and the custom nature of the items means that you can probably order them in any size you want!

Mellie Z makes all sorts of leather items for fans of fantasy and steampunk. Cowls, armor, wall mounts of dragon heads, goggles – as long as it’s leather, it can be made, by hand. Most of the Mimic Monster Boxes are inspired by the works of Gary Gygax, as the artist refers to the mischievous chests as “mimics”, a type of Dungeons and Dragons monster that appears to be a chest. Of course, there are some other pieces that reference other toothy items from media. Inevitably, Mellie Z has made at least one copy of The Luggage from Discworld books and the Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter.

You can check out Fine Line’s Etsy for mimic boxes and all sort of other geek stuff!

More info: | Etsy | Facebook | Flickr (h/t: sobadsogood)

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