12 Angsty But Funny Responses To The Hater’s Anthem TikTok Trend

Published 10 months ago

No matter how peacefully we may be going about our days, something that rubs you up the wrong way can come along. These incidents may cause such a reaction within you that you want to rant away and let the world know.

These “hater” moments have caused quite a number of individuals to get on board the latest TikTok trend. Folks are sharing their irate moments with a dose of slick humour that’s bound to resonate with even the most patient souls. Inspired by the upbeat jam by Infinity Song, Hater’s Anthem, peeps are sharing their love for hating on things which have as of now, amassed a total of over 15 million views across 54,000 videos posted in response to the trend. Scroll below for a collection of amusing snapshots of a few favourite ‘hater anthems found online.  

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Image source:  pyt.patricee


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