20 People Who Were Rejected By Someone As Being Too “Ugly” Proudly Share Their “Glow Ups”

Published 12 months ago

Was it only a select few who read ‘The Ugly Duckling” and understood the moral of the story? It certainly seems that way, when you hear of how so many people got bullied for their looks at a young age, and then when they grew up they got the now infamous ‘glow-up’.

One viral TikTok trend, showcasing such metamorphosis is really hitting the spot with a lot of folks responding with their own version of ‘glow-ups’ and we have to admit we are happy that these folks got to experience the positive transformation they were looking for. Serenaded by George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ track, these videos show the poster sharing their ‘before’ versions which it seems were allegedly rejected by society, followed by their jaw-dropping ‘after’ glow-ups. Scroll below to check out some of the more inspiring screenshots from the trending video in our gallery below.

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