20 Awesome Responses Keanu Reeves Gave In His Recent “Ask Me Anything” Session

Published 1 year ago

Keanu Reeves is a really stand-up guy from all that we know about him. There are so many stories that have come to light that honestly just make us admire Keanu Reeves endlessly the more we learn about him. Clearly, the man is rolling in money from all the movie franchises he’s a part of but he is still known to take public transport and he is apparently an incredibly humble guy to boot. Honestly, the guy has gone through so much loss in his life it’s incredibly inspiring how he still musters the force of will to face each and every day and yet he does it so gracefully too.

Once again we are in for a lucky treat from the man himself. This time around, the people’s favorite Canadian actor, Keanu Reeves, stepped forward to put himself in the hot seat, allowing anyone to “Ask Me Anything” and yet again this man has proven his authentic appeal with some simple answers that folks are absolutely here for. Scroll below for the 20 best questions and responses from the sesh. We gotta admit, Keanu Reeves really is an absolute cutie with a golden heart and we all hope to be just a little bit more like him.

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