25 Incidents That Showed People The Real Face Of So-Called “Friends”

Published 8 months ago

Friendship is supposed to be a beautiful relationship that lasts through dating, jobs and even family. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find good friends even if you have known them for a lifetime. 

When life gets tough, loyalties are tested and it may be your so-called friend who stabs you in the back as you gasp, ‘Et tu, Brute?’ Folks shared their own disappointing moment of realisation when people who they thought were friends were in fact the opposite. So scroll down to read these eye-opening tales of when the adage, ‘With friends like these, who needs enemies’ would be sadly appropriate.

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Ditto: Nawww if that was me I’d just unplan what I’d planned, what a jerk!


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Susie Elle: What the actual f**k


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FeelingFriskyThey both failed the loyalty challenge.


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Lucy James: Here, if you didn’t know what she meant, because I had no idea: “Unveiling is the name for the ceremonial dedication of the memorial marker or headstone at the grave of a loved one.”


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EmbersAreOut: Oh i feel this. I was (am) in college at 14/15, and i made one friend last year. she was super nice to me, and even invited me to her birthday party. At that part, i learned that she was forced into inviting me because of her parents, and she did everthing she could to have me not talk to her other friends. It hurt, badly.


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hitex: Had this happen to me – after my parents realized I had more adhd pills than days used, they literally said ‘WTF is wrong w her?’ Some ppl think they’re saving you from addiction if you are prescribed ANY controlled substance


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I’ve Seen Things: Your dad is gross too


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