Now You Can Live In A Hobbit House That Takes Only 3 Days To Assemble

Published 9 years ago

Who doesn’t want to live as comfortably as a hobbit in his hole? With Green Magic Homes, you too can now live the dream of hairy feet and eating cheese. GMH company makes prefabricated houses that are meant to be covered with soil. The homes are easy to assemble, and you can easily plant grass – – or even vegetables if you like. The turf keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

GMH are built from modules and come in several sizes. The smallest one room module can be assembled in three days; a large one would take about a week! The material used is fiber reinforced polymer, and is supposed to last two hobbit lifetimes or several human ones… as long as you have assembled it right!

More info: More info: (h/t: inhabitat)

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