20 People Who Tried To Ruin Christmas By Acting Like Total Jerks

Published 3 years ago

The holiday season is the time to be merry, and spread joy – after all, we get to spend quality time with our loved ones. But sometimes, all the fun and games turn into weird unwanted situations.

Imagine someone stealing your Christmas lights or gifts, or someone throwing away your gift because they don’t like them. There are numerous ways people come up with to ruin the holiday spirit. Scroll below to see some of those horrible people who destroyed Christmas for stupid reasons.

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#1 People Who Steal Christmas Lights

Image source: ICA2015

#2 Selling A Used Imac For 1200$, Woman Asks “How Low” I Would Sell It For, Or If I’d Take 800 And Some Jewelry She Makes. Oh And I Also Ruined Christmas

Image source: Vindictive_Barista

#3 Strangers Wont Give My Kid AirPods Or Money?! Thanks For Ruining His Christmas!

Image source: KetoMyLastHope

#4 This An En Employee Of 10+ Years “Gift” For Christmas From Wal-Mart

Image source: rmoney1269

#5 Free Christmas Tree Isn’t Tall Or Full Enough…

Image source: Lacroix_boiii

#6 Stealing A Chemo Patient’s Neuropathy Cream At Christmas Time

Image source: Grusselgrosser

#7 All She Wanted For Christmas Was A Pair Of Airpod Pro!

Image source: soum91fuckshadowban

#8 How Are My Kids Supposed To Live Without Juice?!

Image source: SnooDucks9912

#9 My Aunt’s Skeevy Boyfriend Went From Asking What My Husband And I Want For Christmas To This Garbage In 2 Minutes

Image source: kate_mili

#10 Cb Doesn’t Appreciate “Lame” Christmas Gift

Image source: smaj27

#11 A Christmas-Themed Tale Of One Entitled Woman’s Quest For A Free Coffee Shop Journal

Image source: whynuttzy

#12 Ex Baby Daddy Photo Shops His & New Gfs Faces Onto His Ex Baby Moms Christmas Photos

Image source: glamfaerie

#13 Bragging About Destroying A Kids Christmas Present That He Stole… Outstanding Human Being

Image source: wadef4

#14 First Time In Years That I’ve Been Able To Afford Decent Christmas Gifts For My Niece And This Piece Of Shit Stole Them Off Of My Sisters Porch!

Image source: cra-1994

#15 These People In My Building Showing Cruelty Instead Of Love On Christmas

Image source: praise_jeeebus

#16 Gotta Get That Christmas Money Some Way Or Another!!

Image source: Twelves-

#17 This Person Who Wanted Custom-Made Art For A Christmas Discount Of 100% Free

Image source: caboose2253

#18 Happy Holidays! It’s That Time Of The Year!

Image source: halfgodesshalfhell

#19 Selling An $800 Drone With Accessories For $400 To Get A Little Christmas Money. Then This Parent Of The Year Shows Up

Image source: schmoogina

#20 Walking To The Christmas Fair Downtown

Image source: derikc4

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