How Do BlackOut Roller Blinds Keep Your Room Cool and Free from Ultraviolet Rays?

Published 8 years ago

Choosing blinds for your bedroom can make a big difference to the ambience of your room. Blackout roller blinds are the “in” thing now and they are very trendy. These blinds are attractive, inviting and warm. They are constructed with tightly woven fabric that is multi-layered.

• These blinds filter almost ninety percent of the outside light passing through the window into your room. Popular types available in these styles of blinds are Roman and roller blinds.

• If you use a lining material, the fabric for the blinds looks almost untouched when it is draped. No stitching takes place on the face of the fabric, causing light to sneak in from the needle holes.

• Then, tapes, preferably black, are glued on to every stitch line to ensure that all holes are completely covered up. Lastly, blinds are sewn by machine.

• This technique does not spoil the beauty that comes with these but it also ensures proper functioning.

Measuring the window and making blackout roller blinds all according to customized options:

The blackout lining fabric is either white or cream/off white and very thick. If you want to make DIY blinds, then you can use different types of lining material. Apart from the black out roller blind and fabric, ribbon, spray adhesive, fabric glue, scissors, ruler, screws, screwdriver, small saw and mounting brackets are also needed to make the DIY blinds.

• Measure the inside of your window and cut the blinds with fabric scissors to fit your window.

• Get a good adhesive and apply it on the roller blinds and neatly paste the fabric on it. You may want to test this with a scrap piece of cloth first.

• Top end of the blinds will have the plastic cap that you need to remove and put it back on the new end.

• Make sure you leave a couple of inches of the fabric on all 3 sides. This comes handy to paste the fabric on the roller blinds on the back side.

• Flip it over after the glue has dried. Gently press on all sides.

Blackout roller blinds can be used by anyone, but ideally they are a must-have thing for some: –

• These are ideal for children’s bedroom. These black out roller blinds prevent them from waking up in early hours of morning thinking it is late. Simultaneously, they can also regulate the amount of light entering into the room, allowing patients and aged people to have a sound sleep.

• These blinds are ideal for shift workers who need to get some sleep after a hard work at night. Similarly, people who suffer from insomnia can install these blackout roller blinds which are perfect for a daytime nap.

• They are also ideal for cinema rooms. They cut out the light and let you enjoy the stunning visual and light effect given by projector.

• Lastly, you can use these blinds if you have bright lights outside your window that keeps you from taking good sleep at night.

There are some benefits of blackout roller blinds. Darkening the room by closing blackout blinds and dimming lights in the evening before going to sleep help prepares your body and brain for sleep. As the fabric of these blinds is made out of thicker materials, it blocks light from getting into the room. These black out roller blinds reduce energy consumption. A cooler room due to the roller binds takes lesser time to condition. During winters, the thick material helps to retain heat inside the room when it is cold outside, and vice versa. You can ensure pleasant and comfortable temperature inside your room with these blinds.

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