How good are the Wooden Shutters- Types and Style?

Published 8 years ago

Shutters have always been one of the most attractive ways to protect the house from heat waves and light. The common type of shutter that is growing popular these days is the wooden ones. Some of the amazing qualities of wooden shutter are:

– They hold perfected durability

– Highly customizable and have the ability to charm up the entire look of your place

– Can be used as a seasonal protector to protect from heat during the summer and cold during winter.

First Type- Cedar shutter

Just as the name of this shutter suggests, these are the common ones that are made from Cedar. This shutter holds up to any extreme weather conditions and is by far amongst the top strongest wood that is used in the making of the shutter. For instance, there were many houses, which could sustain hurricane winds because of shutter made from cedar, along with that it even protects the house from scorching heat and heavy rainfall too. When you will compare this material of shutter with other alternate shutters such as pine, chestnut, sycamore, then you will be able to witness that cedar stands toughest amongst all of them in terms of everything, quality, durability, maintenance and sustainability too. This is the reason why experts always recommend for going with quality shutter for the house.

Second Type- Weather to Weather Shutter

There are professionals who have excelled to produce shutter that can be used for a particular weather. One such shutter is louvered shutter; this is not an all weather shutter because the frame of this shutter has multiple slats and these slats hold miniature gaps. The work of these gaps is to allow air to pass inside the room without the heat of the sun so that the enclosed room can be ventilated. Though these gaps act like a lifesaver during summer, but they are not suited for cold weather. During cold weather, you don’t want the cold breeze to enter inside your house, neither do you want the heat from the house to escape outside, but when you use louvered shutter during winter then this is what is going to happen therefore it is known as a weather to weather shutter.

Styles: Wooden Shutters are timeless choices which are highly customizable

The style or the appearance of a wooden shutter is not the same all ways. This means that you can create your very own customized style that you expect from the shutter. Moreover, the shutters can be created with a variety of colors and patterns that suits your taste. Now, if you want to have small stars or brown hearts craved on your shutter then you can do that, all you have to do is let the professional know the style, shape and design that you want from the material of shutter that you have selected and they will be ready with what you wanted. Some woodworking company tend to use mechanical craving machine for this purpose, while there are still a few that use the traditional craftsmen skill to make handmade cravings.

Add a Royal Touch to the Style of Shutters

Since the common wooden shutter that are used today hold their origin from the kings and queens of the past, one can explore some elegant patters and designs that hold strong resemblance to the shutter of the olden times. These are often created with the help of the inspiration that the workers could grab from the heritage and existence of shutters. However, there are some shutters that are even inspired from the American Frontier, which bring back the days of the colonial period when the British a huge timber lover, wanted to have everything made out of timber, and that was the reason they created timber shutter too.

Ideas and Tips for Selecting a Great Wooden Shutter

There is no such trick is finding a shutter that makes a special spot in your house. All you have to do is decide the type of shutter that you want to have, and then start searching for it. With this search, you will be able to explore tons of shutter that speak for itself, here look for the one that suits your taste and style and ultimately you will have the wooden shutters that you always wanted.

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