30 Times People Just Had To Document America’s Humongous-zoid Portion Sizes

Published 1 year ago

Everyone has heard stories about the Texas-sized portion servings in America, but is it really true? The burgers are supposed to be bigger, the pizza slices massive etc., but it all sounds too big to be true right? Our team, scoured the internet to try and find proof of these allegations and our finds have been jaw-droppingly and heart-stopping-ly massive portions of food that you just have to see to believe, so scroll below for a peek.

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#1 I Found Out Why The Curly Fries Were $7. It’s The Whole Fryer Basket

Image source: Luna6696

#2 This Steak

Image source: RealMattCouch

#3 A Very Large Slice Of Pizza And Finished It

Image source: needhelpgaming

Pizza Barn in Yonkers, NY. It is a very small place, and a plain slice goes for about 10 dollars.

#4 I Don’t Even Know What To Say About This Taco From Recio’s Smokehouse Restaurant And Catering

Image source: Eric Ortiz

#5 This Philly Cheesesteak In South Jersey

Image source: jbman4

#6 This Burrito From A Local Mexican Restaurant Called El Norteños (I Live In TX). My Hand For Comparison

Image source: ksaph0520

#7 This Baked Potato. Potato From Aldi, US

Image source: RoyalCherryPotter

#8 A Bar In Ohio Serves Giant Bowls Of Cereal That Are Impossible To Finish

Image source: bloresiom

“The Cereal Bar,” which is located in Fostoria, Ohio.

#9 The Large Bobbie From Capriotti’s. Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce – 16oz Coke For Scale

Image source: ethan0077

#10 A BLT My Mother Was Served At A Diner In Michigan

Image source: Hanfpflanze

#11 Very Large Fish And Chip Platter From Manayunk Brewing Company

Image source: zlotz

#12 I Said Two Scoops Of Pear, And Then The Ice Cream Lady Gave Me This Unit

Image source: j-son123

#13 From The Hot Dog Hall Of Fame In Orlando, Florida

Image source: Bacontheblog

#14 Dreaming About This Most Beautiful Donut Duo On Donut Day

Image source: snackbreakers

#15 This Burrito That Was Just Delivered To Me (iPhone X For Scale)

Image source: davidukfl

It was delicious, though I honestly couldn’t finish it. I had to concede at about 75%. Burrito was delivered via Uber eats from this place: Santa Fe Mexican Grill & Cantina, Shoreline, WA.

#16 A Huge Pile Of Alaskan King Crab Legs

Image source: Nephroidofdoom

Tracy’s King Crab Shack in Juneau, AK

#17 Cheesecake Milkshake At Junior’s Cheesecake Brooklyn, New York

Image source: TheDonutCuh

#18 This Giant Bavarian Pretzel I Ordered

Image source: sarcasmbunny

#19 The 2-Foot-Long New York Pizza (Pizza Barn Yonkers)

Image source: mel_vs_food

#20 Moontower Pizza Bar In Burleson, TX Is Proud To Offer The Largest Pizza In The World That’s Available For Commercial Orders

Image source: DESTROYER575

#21 This Absolute Unit Of A Pizza At Giordanos In Chicago

Image source: reddit.com

#22 This Absolute Unit Of A Burger From Burly Burger

Image source: burlyburger

#23 It’s Incredibly Important To Have A Strong Support System When Taking On Our Octuple Bypass Burger. Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, Nevada

Image source: heartattackgrill

#24 2 Chilli Cheese Coney Dogs, A Regular Chilli Cheese Spaghetti, And A Small Chilli Cheese Fries

Image source: reddit.com

#25 If You Could Only Pick One Which Would It Be? Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich Or Crispy Chicken Sandwich?

Image source: littlemariii

Cracked By Chef Adrianne, South Miami, FL.

#26 One Half Of A Bologna Sandwich At Famous 4th Street Deli In Philadelphia. All Their Sandwiches Are This Size, And There Is No Option To Order Only Half

Image source: elocinic0le

#27 This Massive Bloody Mary From A Restaurant In North Carolina

Image source: reddit.com

#28 The Size And Portion I Can Never Get Used To. Downtown Los Angeles

Image source: yuukithebunny

#29 Wanna See What A First-Place “Monster Burger” Looks Like? 36 Arizona Cajun Patties, 2 Whole Beef Ribs, And A Ton Of Bacon And Cheese

Image source: Your_Behind_BBQ

#30 Take Me Back To The Places With Big Food (Florida)

Image source: emmamgordon

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