Someone On Twitter Came Up With A Murder Mystery TV Show Featuring Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen, And People Love It

Published 4 years ago

Being stuck in quarantine and having all this free time on your hands can unleash the creative potential you might not even know you had. For example, last week author M.L. Brennan came up with a genius plot for a murder mystery TV series featuring Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, and people instantly fell in love with. The author’s tweet got over 87k likes in just a few days and some people want to see it being made into an actual series – check out the plot in the gallery below!

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Image credits: SirPatStew

Image credits: BrennanML

Image credits: BrennanML

In an interview with Bored Panda, Brennan said he had many ideas “marinating” in his head for a long time and they all “finally crashed together in just the right way”. “Firstly, of course, there’s what a lot of us have been going through with social distancing. I’m spending far more hours at home, since I’m now working from home (I’m a college professor) and pretty much all “leave the house” options are off the table,” said the author. “I’ve been consuming a lot of comfort media — books that I’ve read before and loved, TV shows that I’ve seen before and loved, and that kind of thing.” Brennan added that he thinks that British village mystery shows are “about as comfort-viewing as it gets” and that’s how the image of “people sleuthing around a quaint British village at the most beautiful stage of summer” got into the pot.

Image credits: BrennanML

Image credits: BrennanML

“I’ve been watching (and loving) the new Star Trek: Picard series. Patrick Stewart is so wonderful in it, and I was thinking how much I would love to see him in more things, and how really nice it was also to see a show that had a diverse age range in its cast,” said the author. This eventually led to Brennan pondering about Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s friendship which, combined with the British village idea, became the premise for Brennan’s plot.

Image credits: BrennanML

Image credits: BrennanML

People chimed in with their own suggestions

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Image credits: BrennanML

Brennan thinks that the best thing about the two actors’ friendship is how delighted they seem to be in each other’s company. “They always come off as the other one’s biggest fan, and I think that it’s a beautiful example of what a good friendship is,” said the author.

Even more suggestions quickly came pouring in

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