Here’s How People With Social Anxiety See The World Vs. The Actual Reality

Published 6 years ago

A creative soul behind For Lack of a Better Comic is Jacob Andrews who now works as a comic artist at CollegeHumor. From hilarious relationship moments to summing up what’s it like to get older, Jacob portrays the small aspects of our every day lives that all of us can relate to.

This time he decided to illustrate the thoughts of people who are struggling with anxiety, and anyone who has suffered from it will tell you that it’s extremely accurate. Feeling that everyone around is laughing at you or that your friends don’t really want to spend time if you, it’s these small things that make your day worse. The interesting part is that majority of Internet users agreed with what Jacob has drawn, saying that he portrayed the anxiety really accurately. Scroll down to see these illustrations yourself!

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A lot of people related to Jacob’s illustrations…

Others wanted to remind that it’s not all that bad

And even though not everybody gets it

Most at least try to

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