Immerse in Colors this Holi

Published 8 years ago

“Splash the Moods with Holi Colors”

Getting your house ready for the festive season is the most interesting thing ever. Lovingly you redo every single space and add a hint of festive mood brightening it with colors and lights. As Holi is around the corner, it is the same time of the year again when you have to be on your toes and do some smashing and splashing of colors and so why not carry the same theme in your interiors as well. It will surely add to the feel of the festival of colors while also making your personal space exciting.

This can easily be done by adding a dash of “holy” to your “Holi” décor and let the mood get absorbed in the moods of your family and guests in the following way:

1. Focal Point – Create a focal point by either contouring one wall paint it completely with a dominant color of the season. For instance a royal shade of purple in the image given is highlighting the inner space of racks which is in a neutral color. It is made to stand out using accent light so that the decorative lamp and artifacts placed aesthetically are highlighted. Hence this space grabs the attention and retains your interest. Moreover, purple is considered as a symbol of peace and wisdom in Hinduism.

2. Accent colors – Holi is celebrated as the festival of fun, love and happiness which reflects the different shades of life. Brighter hues are symbolic of good times so it is a trend to have multicolored décor on this occasion. For this purpose you can have multi colored cushions.

3. Accent Lights – to further the spark of excitement, you can also highlight your décor with accent lights around your decorative items. It either gives the impact of rays coming out of these decoration pieces or it appears to be emerging from a pool of light. Hence, putting lights beneath the objects is a brilliant idea.

4. Sprinkle Colors – Contour your room with different colors of your choice. The easiest way to do this is by putting colorful tea-light candle stands of glass or other translucent materials. A silhouette of these looks vibrant and attention-grabbing while also adding to the festive mood.

5. Rangoli – Of course every Indian festival is incomplete without a beautiful rangoli which is symbolic of enlightenment and welcomes good vibes in the house. But, if you can make these designs and patterns with colored ground rice, you can certainly make water rangoli. Simply add water in a wide container earthen pot or tub or you can also use a brass or glass tub and add floating candles to it with a few flower petals and light the candles.

All this is commonly available in the market so it will be a hassle free affair and stand out to get you showered with compliments. With all these, let your home be filled with happiness, excitement and thrill!

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