20 Examples Of Amazing Crocheting Talent From A Crochet Hobbyists Page

Published 1 year ago

Over the past 15 years, crochet enthusiasts have gathered online under the r/crochet online group. The passionate hobbyists share pics of their skills and help each other figure out how to deal with any difficulties that arise in their quest to crochet these delicate and intricate pieces. As usual, we’ve combed through the posts of the group to find the most talented displays of skill using yarn and shared them in the gallery below. 

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#1 My Sugar Skull Blanket – Never Again But Totally Worth Making Once

Image source: koukkuunkoukussa

#2 I Crocheted My Own Wedding Dress! 21 Days, 121 Hours, 79,000+ Stitches

Image source: jazzygurumi

#3 My Boyfriend Crocheted His Own Kristoff Cosplay!

Image source: transatlanticcrochet

#4 I Spent 3 Hours Sitting On The Floor Making These Sleeves… But It Was Worth It!!

Image source: savannahstitches

#5 Chunky Mandala Rug – Rip My Wrists

Image source: reddit

#6 Did I Make An Account Just To Show The World This Blanket? Yes. Yes I Did

Image source: Cro-che-T

#7 It’s Finally Done!!! Overlay Mosaic Crochet Blanket

Image source: Porkbossam78

#8 Over The Past Year I’ve Been Crocheting All My Wedding Flowers, Here Are The Roses I’ve Made!

Image source: spaghettiocat

#9 Maximilian The Chameleon! ?️‍⚧️

Image source: evanenby96

#10 Finished My Mantis! He’s Tiny And Was My First Time Using Lace Weight Yarn! I Actually Love How Detailed You Can Get With It Though!

Image source: Powerful_Reaction930

#11 My First Blanket

Image source: Fantastic_Tip_4710

#12 Finally, An Unkillable Plant For My Desk

Image source: Stellar_Eyebrows

#13 Hoth – Two Headed Zombie Teddy! Both My Husband And Son Have Already Tried To Claim It So I Guess I’ll Just Have To Make 2 More

Image source: Juzo_92

#14 I’m So Stupid Proud Of This Outfit Yall Don’t Even Know (Clothes =/= Gender, I’m A Guy)

Image source: psychso86

#15 My Little Shelf Display Of Plants! (All Patterns From Kawaii Crochet Garden By Melissa Bradley)

Image source: cherdabear

#16 Organs! (I’m Sorry! I’m A Nurse And I Love The Way The Body Works!)

Image source: carlyyay

#17 Crochet Cake?

Image source: emsterlove

#18 I May Look Crazy, But 33 Hats Down For My Hospitals Labor And Delivery Wing For Donation Today! This Is My First Time Donating And I’m Really Excited

Image source: ayeeoo

#19 Baby Blanket And Hobbit Gift Set For My Sister And Niece

Image source: rach11

#20 I Took Up Crocheting While Pregnant, And Created An Army. We Ride At Dawn

Image source: Mysterious-Cod5972

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